Zero deploy – speed up your deployment


Tired of waiting for git to checkout your code?

Fed up with sluggish assets precompilation?

Don’t want to waste your time while waiting for bundler to install shitload of gems?

Zero Deploy gem brought to you by Railsware aimed at solving all these problems and improving all the stages of typical deploy process significantly.

Tested for Capistrano and Chef, Heroku support is in Beta.

UPDATE: Please, refer to this article for a thorough technical description.

All you need is to install the gem

and run your deploy wrapped with zero_deploy

Feel free to contribute https://github.com/railsware/zero_deploy

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  • Boris Barroso

    Wow great it should work only today

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.vincent Chris Vincent

    You. Bastards.

  • http://pikachuexe.weebly.com/ Leung Ho Kuen

    The name of the gem is correct though :o)

  • Ben Johnson

    How does this work with heroku? “Is in beta” doesn’t really help.

    • Innokenty Mihailov

      Well, as for the Heroku please refer to .

  • James Summerill

    Only if this was true! I fell for it for a second though!

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