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Time comparison in Ruby

I believe every ruby developer has faced time comparison issue at least once and tests are one of the possible areas where it may happen. RSpec message like this may confuse:

What’s wrong? Investigation Let’s create two Time objects: …

In Development

by Olexander Paladiy by April 1, 2014


Interconnecting Elixir nodes

Elixir is a functional language built on top of Erlang VM. Therefore it uses Erlang mechanism for communication with nodes. Erlang has one simple rule: everyone connects to everyone. It provides a simple authentication mechanism by tokens called cookie. In …

In Development

by Olexander Paladiy by March 26, 2014


Ruby and Web Podcast

For our Russian-speaking readers, we will now be also sharing a weekly podcast by Alexey Vasiliev and Alex Chaplinsky about Ruby and web technologies. Enjoy! This week talking about: DevDocs – multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable …

In Development, Front End

by Alex Chaplinsky by February 12, 2014