Airtable Importer intro

Airtable Importer

Google Spreadsheets add-on for Airtable import


Combine the easiness of Airtable and the power of Google Spreadsheets for maximum impact.

Easily import table from Airtable to a Google Spreadsheet. Keep spreadsheet actual with hourly automatic re-sync of imported Airtable to the linked Spreadsheet. Or enforce the update with manual re-sync whenever its needed.

Hourly automatic re-sync
Manual re-sync possibility
Yaroslav Lazor
CEO, Railsware

It's a really nice start of a plugin. Saves me a lot of time importing AirTable data into Gsheet to do my Gsheet magic in it. Thank you!

Eugene Tsvetukhin
Product Manager, Railsware

Once configured it just works and saves ton of time. Allows you to keep critical data in Airtable and import into google sheets for analytics and calculations.


Working closely with both Airtable awesome tables and powerful Google spreadsheets, we realised it would be an amazing gain to have a tool which could provide an easy way to combine those together. That's being said, we developed an add-on for Google Spreadsheets which allows to make that combination real.

System Integration




Google Drive
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