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Location and Remote Policy

  • Work Locally or Remotely: You can work in the office or remotely from any location. Over the last few years, Railswarians have worked from different countries all around the world
  • You can work flexible hours that suit your local time
  • We have two comfortable offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Krakow, Poland
    • Our offices are equipped with modern ergonomic chairs and standing desks
    • You can always find fresh food and drinks in our kitchen

Engineering and Management Culture

  • A world-class team of T-shaped skilled engineers and designers that share knowledge and support each other
  • Top-notch approaches in product development, design, and engineering, helping us to create outstanding products both for our own and for clients without any difference
  • Flat company structure and ability to contribute to the company level responsibilities that you are passionate about, and grow beyond your role. You are the key driver of your personal growth and can evolve in a community of professionals. Read, how we do that.
  • Visionary CEO who inspires us to come out of the box and do the right things
  • “Axe Fridays”: you can allocate 10% of working time on activities in Railsware Labs such as writing blog posts, contribution to open source projects or developing our own products
  • To stay competitive, we need to constantly learn new things – Railsware gives you time and resources for educational programs
  • We don’t want to grow rapidly in terms of the number of people. raft and quality are core principles for us. That’s why every hired person matters.


  • By default, Railsware provides you with a workstation consisting of a MacBook and a top-quality monitor, as well as additional accessories like a trackpad, mouse, headset, etc.
  • Thanks to our hardware policy, you are able to work with the best equipment and regularly update it.


  • Railsware offers a competitive salary
  • As an additional financial help, we provide savings program and microcredits
    • With our savings program, you can keep your money on the company accounts until you need them
    • Microcredits can be helpful when you need some additional cash
  • There is no manager to determine how your compensation will grow. Yearly bonus based on the company profit and salary depends on colleagues’ mutual reviews. Policy applies only to the production staff (Product Managers, Engineers, Designers).


  • You have 34 days per year as a vacation. There are 24 standard vacation days, and, as our team is distributed around multiple countries, you get 10 working days on top to cover public holidays (you choose when you want to take your vacation)
  • We cover sick leave, but we hope you won’t need it;)
  • Health policy budget will cover your private sports and healthcare expenses
  • Railsware supports your participation in conferences and hackathons as a speaker or an attendee. So you can contribute to the community and stay on the edge of new technologies
  • Yearly trip: Every year Railsware organizes a company retreat for you and your partner to spend time with our whole distributed team together in one place. Our goal is to have fun and get to know each other better. We also discuss the company’s vision and work on our culture. In previous years, we visited amazing places like Austrian Alps, Crete, Italy, or recently, Croatia.

The team

Railswarians is a community of friendly, open-minded, collaborative, and professionally growing people. We're lucky to have the best team. Ever :)


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Fascinating case studies on the projects we've built.