RubyC 2011 Conference Videos

We’ve shoot videos at recent european RubyC conference held in Kiev, Ukraine.

Wider than Rails

Author: Alexey Nayden (lightweight Ruby solutions) Language: English

How to be awesome at Rails

Author: Ryan Bigg Language: English

CloudHostpro (platform for hosting Ruby applications)

Author: Dmitriy Kostyuk Language: Russian

Literate code

Author: Steve Klabnik Language: English

How to make your Ruby or Rails app 10x faster

Author: Alexander Dymo Language: Russian

Full stack testing of your Ruby and JavaScript applications

Author: Jonas Nicklas Language: English

Bridging the gap

Author: Darcy Laycock Language: English

Typical development problems & mistakes based on development internet TV

Author: Timothy Tsvetkov Language: English

Cut and Polish (Crafting Gems)

Author: Pat Allan Language: English

Rails + GoF Patterns

Author: Marat Kamenshikov Language: English

Continuous Integration with Ruby

Author: Roman Babenko Language: Ukrainian

Fighting Fat models

Author: Bogdan Gusiev Language: Russian

Open Source for Efficient Cloud Management Systems

Author: Sergey Sergyenko Language: English