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PivotalBooster version 1.1.3.beta – All Stories & My Scope!

After almost a year of silence, I’m happy to announce the new version of PivotalBooster! So, what’s new? First of all, the most requested product feature – “All Stories” – is now available. In addition to that, we have merged “Requested by me” and “Assigned to Me” filters into a single one: “My Scope”. And finally, we have fixed the following bunch of critical and major bugs:

2013-05-08 17-21-31

Hope you’ll enjoy the app!

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  • j2fly

    Hey guys, nice work on the updates. However, we had ordering issues with the previous release and they remain with the new one. This makes Povital Booster unusable for us since priority/order of stories is a huge part of the importance of how we use Pivotal.

    • Sergey Korolev

      Thanks for the feedback! The correct sorting is priority #1 for us. So next release will definitely have a fix. Follow the news.

  • Kevin

    I don’t want “My Scope”. It breaks the entire utility of pivotalbooster, which is to eliminate noise and let me focus on what I have to get done :(. I want “Assigned To Me”, like it was before. How do I download the old version?

  • john

    I agree, “Assigned to me” as another option would be nice. Also agree about the order.

    • Jeremy

      yup came looking for the same setting.

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