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Designs Evaluation

The goal of this post is to define main criteria of design evaluation for non-designers. As for me, there are two main questions in this case and answers to them should help in design evaluation. Ability to answer those questions increases the value of your point of view.

4 Steps To Scope Your Product Right

Usually, the business owner starts working with designers and engineers with only 20% of his product scope understanding. Our overall goal is to build product vision together at the very beginning of a development cycle and not at the end of developing a product-he-doesn’t-need and which doesn’t solve consumers problems. …

Rails Stickers

Trial edition of our stickers. Using them you can practice in putting something on rails. Version 2.0 is coming soon.

Sight Near the Entrance

One of the most exiting things in life is to work with great people. In this case we are lucky :) For example, our landing decoration was made by Interesni Kazki. So now we have one of the sights around the entrance of our workplace. Few days we were exited …

Quest for New Office

We had both a reason and a cause for moving to the new office, the bigger and more comfortable one. As a reason was the fact that our team had overgrown our old office not only morally, but physically too.

So we began to look for a home of our dreams. In our imagination it supposed to be a big, comfortable house with a cute backyard and good infrastructure around, of course.