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Railsware on TechCrunch Disrupt

TC Disrupt Hackathon 2014

It hasn’t took us too long to get back to yet another TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon contest. We’re eager to hack some cool ideas, so just couldn’t miss another chance to participate. Previous time, in Berlin, we’ve presented SlowTrip project and got a prize for it. This time was a different …

Databases holy war. Yet another chapter.

Near a year ago we looked for a geolocation solution to complement the functionality of one of our projects. We expected to deal with hundreds of thousands of records at the beginning and to grow up to 10-15 million records. Finally, we’ve picked up PostgreSQL and its PostGIS extension. We’ve …

URL shortening

URL shortening. How we do it.

The growing demand to share content through the different social networks has rapidly led us to the need to shorten URLs in order to free space within a post (Twitter is a good example here) and it actually looks good.