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ChainFlow – refactor your data processing

ChainFlow – refactor your data processing

TL; DR; This article describes how to refactor and improve readability of complex data processing with syntax similar to Haskell do-notation and State monad. Motivation Latest project I’ve been involved in deals with a lot of data processing. Typical case was a method that receives a data chunk and chains …

API with Ruby on Rails

API with Ruby on Rails: useful tricks

This article is about gotchas you should be aware of while building your API with Ruby on Rails. Controller tricks: API on Metal Sooner or later each Rails developer come to a point when he wants to build his first API. Among the first things you have to take care …

Rails 3.2.9 through associations issues

Recent 3.2.9 release bugfix has brought an issue for through associations. inverse_of usage can solve the problem only partially (polymorphic associations are still affected). UPDATE: patch that introduced this issue has just been reverted in rails master. Few days ago Rails 3.2.9 was released. Among the bugfixes a fix for …

Rails 4.0 ActiveSupport small improvement

A few days ago my patch with the beginning_of_week config option has been merged to Rails master, so starting from Rails 4.0 we’ll gain full control over the week start day. Preface Working on Interstellar, I’ve found out that ActiveSupport has a lot of useful methods like Date#beginning_of_week, Date#end_of_week and …



With great pleasure we introduce to you a product developed by Railsware recently launched in the United States – Interstellar.

Ruby 2.0 Enumerable

Ruby 2.0 Enumerable::Lazy

My Enumerable::Lazy patch was accepted into ruby trunk few days ago. So, in ruby 2.0, we can go like this: