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Django vs. Ruby on Rails Comparison

When it comes to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), two languages stand out from the pack in terms of maturity, community and worldwide use, namely Ruby and Python. And since a large portion of programming languages are used in conjunction with web development, we have to discuss their respective web frameworks: Ruby …

How to Prioritize Product Features

There are lots of great ideas, but ideas don’t always turn into successful software products. Sometimes, the idea itself just wasn’t good enough, and the marketplace didn’t have any use for it. At other times, poor user experience (UX) is the reason for the lack of success. Research suggests that …

Why we use ReactJS

Why Use React JS?

There are many reasons why ReactJS is our favourite JavaScript library. If you’re still not sure whether it will work for your project, check out our article!

Agile Product Inception

Agile Product Inception at Railsware

Agile Inception is a product discovery process we use at Railsware. It lets you deeply understand your customers, figure out how to address their problems and build a profitable business out of it. It helped us launch dozens of successful products over the years and we think you should try it too.