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With great pleasure we introduce to you a product developed by Railsware recently launched in the United States – Interstellar.

Lightning talks at Railsberry: Mailtrap and PivotalBooster

Mailtrap Have you ever sent emails from staging to real customer? Mailtrap – Safe email delivery testing. Simply putting http://mailtrap.io/ as the default SMTP server in your application’s configuration allows viewing all of the emails your application delivers without spamming your real customers. Easy to review email appearance as a …

Railsware at Rubyshift and RubyC 2011 conferences

During last month railswarians took a part in a really great Ruby events: Rubyshift in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine and RubyC in Kyiv, Ukraine. RubyShift October 22-23 2011 Conference gathered more than 250 participants and speakers from all over the world including Pat Allan (@pat), Sven Fuchs (@svenfuchs), Josh Kalderimis (@joshkalderimis), Jon Leighton (@jonleighton), Thorben Schröder. This …

RubyC 2011 Conference Videos

We’ve shoot videos at recent european RubyC conference held in Kiev, Ukraine. Wider than Rails Author: Alexey Nayden (lightweight Ruby solutions) Language: English How to be awesome at Rails Author: Ryan Bigg Language: English

Sight Near the Entrance

One of the most exiting things in life is to work with great people. In this case we are lucky :) For example, our landing decoration was made by Interesni Kazki. So now we have one of the sights around the entrance of our workplace. Few days we were exited …

IGN announces partnership with one of Railsware clients

We are very excited to announce a partnership between one of our clients/partners and the biggest gaming site in the world — Playhem is partnering with IGN and the IGN Pro League. Check out the official press-release on IGN: http://go.ign.com/e8tkNi There are many details to come, but we’ll start by emphasizing that we …

Quest for New Office

We had both a reason and a cause for moving to the new office, the bigger and more comfortable one. As a reason was the fact that our team had overgrown our old office not only morally, but physically too.

So we began to look for a home of our dreams. In our imagination it supposed to be a big, comfortable house with a cute backyard and good infrastructure around, of course.