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Remote Work Success: Railsware Insights

What does it actually mean to work remotely or in a mixed office mode? How do we manage effective communication and cope with productivity concerns? In this article, we describe our approaches that really work, and Railswarians share their remote experience.

Agile Product Inception

Agile Product Inception at Railsware

Agile Inception is a product discovery process we use at Railsware. It lets you deeply understand your customers, figure out how to address their problems and build a profitable business out of it. It helped us launch dozens of successful products over the years and we think you should try it too.


Real-Life Cases of JTBD Framework

Jobs To Be Done is a product discovery technique that cultivates innovation by changing perspective from personas to jobs. Learn more about how Railsware uses the JTBD approach for product development and check out our real-life cases