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Famous Ruby on Rails Apps

Famous Web Apps Built with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails has become the top trend for the development of web apps in recent years. The Ruby-based framework is a very convenient and elegant solution to create miscellaneous websites. Hence, the number of companies using Ruby on Rails apps rapidly increases.

Though the headquarters of most of the following use cases are located in San Francisco, New York, Salem, LA, Tel Aviv and even Riga, Latvia, it doesn’t mean that your next startup is limited in geography. For example, you can opt for a Ruby on Rails development company in London or find a relevant service in any other place of the globe. And now the main course – the most famous apps built with Ruby on Rails.

GitHub – Repository Hosting Service

We start our list with the most popular platform for the code developers. The development of the service was initiated in 2007, and the launch of GitHub was performed in 2008. This platform is designed to host IT-projects and facilitate the collaboration of the developers. GitHub is free for the open-source software projects and offers paid repositories for the private projects. It is hard to find a larger source code repository in the world. Currently, the service can boast of around 22 million users and 61 million repositories worldwide.

Basecamp – Project Management System

This example of Ruby on Rails websites was designed to facilitate the project management. In the year of 2004, the first version of Basecamp came out. Currently, Basecamp 3 is available for any user willing to improve the efficiency and productivity of its project. This web app built with RoR provides many features to manage a project including delegating tasks, monitoring progress, organizing project members, managing documents, scheduling etc. For over 10 years, Basecamp has been taking the top place among the online PM services.

Airbnb – Hospitality Service

Airbnb is one of the most popular RoR web apps among travelers. It was launched back in 2008. The idea of this service is to connect travelers and people willing to rent their apartment or house space to these travelers. Airbnb offers more than 65,000 locations in 191 countries all over the world where you can find a place to stay during your vacation. This web app is designed for those who prefer comfortable apartments instead of hotel servicing and want to save money for accommodation. You will be offered with numerous propositions from different people. As a result, you can save money and find the most appropriate location to spend your night or vacation at.

Clarity – Network for Connecting Customers and Experts

The history of Clarity began in May 2012. This service is designed to increase productivity and performance of any business. For example, you need an expert to consult you on some particular topic including creating a marketing strategy, search engine optimization, digital marketing, strategic planning etc. Clarity is the place where you can find such expert and contact him or her directly. Besides, this service can be used for searching for mentors, customers, and investors.

Dribbble – Network for Designers

RoR was used to build a web app for another community. The application is called Dribbble. This network was founded in 2009. Dribbble unites various kinds of designers including graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, logo designers, icon artists, and other creative individuals, which want to introduce their works and projects. If you are a talented person, this place will help you get hired. On the other hand, customers can find here an illustration expert or design project that will satisfy some peculiar requirements. In short, everything related to design can be found on Dribbble.

We Heart It – Network for Sharing Images

This image-based social network was founded in 2008. We Heart It is a Ruby on Rails application available in 23 languages. It means that the audience of We Heart It is enormous. This social network allows users to share images and photos. WHI covers various topics of images like fashion, art, makeup, lifestyle, interior design, quotes etc. The service holds itself out as the place to share inspiration. It provides an interesting feature that is usually absent in most social networks. No comments feature is available at We Heart It. This peculiarity creates a positive environment of the service and eliminates any potential negativity.

ASKfm – Questions and Answers Service

Will you agree that any conversation consists of questions and answers? Unfortunately, some questions remain unanswered, and it frustrates many people. The creators of the service named ASKfm decided to provide an opportunity to ask some unsolved questions to the web community. It looks as follows: you cannot find an answer to your question on the web. Even Google is powerless in your undertaking. Then you turn to ASKfm and ask your question within this social network. There is a high probability of finding an expert or just a person who will help you and resolve your puzzle. In addition, this service provides a training opportunity for people to broaden their knowledge. The history of ASKfm began in June 2010 in Latvia, and this service has maintained its popularity till modern days.

Goodreads – Network for Book Readers

Reading books is always a popular trend. We need books to understand this world and its treasures. Goodreads is the best place for readers in the web. The launch of the service occurred in 2007. Currently, this web app provides more than 1.5 billion books to your choice. The users of Goodreads can share, recommend, and look for books here. Likewise, you can find millions of reviews and opinions, create your own bookshelves, and track the reading experience of your friends. If you disagree with the opinion of some individual regarding a particular book, you may contradict his or her view and create a dispute. In general, this is the largest society of book readers throughout the Internet.

Kickstarter – Crowdfunding Platform

This web application keeps its popularity among different creative people engaged in software development, film and music making, inventing technologies, and other spheres of life. Kickstarter is a global community designed to attract funds or investors for creative projects. This crowdfunding platform was launched in 2009. As a rule, every action starts with an idea. This service helps to nurture idea and put it into action. Kickstarter was a starting point for such famous projects as Pebble Time, Coolest Cooler, Exploding Kittens, and many others.

Crazy Egg – Heatmap Service

Crazy Egg is the heatmap service provider founded in 2006. This web app is the must-visit place for those who want to optimize the architecture and content of their websites. This service shows the useless and key areas of your website in the eyes of a regular user. Crazy Egg can help you eliminate blind spots and properly locate an essential content or advertising. Users’ behavior is the key information for marketers, and you can have it using Crazy Egg.

Podomatic – Podcasting Service

Podomatic is one of the most popular podcasting services. In general, Podomatic is a free service. However, it provides PRO services on paid basis for the users that want to monetize their business and create a network of fans. This place hosts more than 2 million podcasts from different venues of the world. Podomatic can be called the largest network of podcasters providing convenient options to create and share podcasts. This web app is rather young since it was launched in 2016.

SlideShare – Slide Hosting Service

This RoR based web app is designed to host slideshows and presentations. The services of slide hosting are very popular in the areas of web-conferencing and education. This service enables to upload and share presentations in various formats including OpenOffice, PDF or PowerPoint. Besides, an uploaded work can be embedded to blog or website for a more convenient use. Currently, the total amount of uploaded content exceeds 18 million pieces. SlideShare was launched in 2006, and its popularity and usefulness were recognized by the famous professional social network LinkedIn. As a result, SlideShare became a part of the LinkedIn family in 2012.

Fiverr – Network for Freelancers

The history of Fiverr starts in 2010. This web app features an online marketplace of services. Freelancers from all over the world offer their knowledge and skills in various areas including programming, translation, writing, design, video and music processing, entertainment, and so on. If you think that you can offer the in-demand services, you are advised to peep into Fiverr. If you are a customer, you will definitely find many options to have your task done.

Bleacher Report – Sports News Service

Ruby on Rails proves its effectiveness and usability regardless of the scope of use. This web app deals with sports events and content. It is a digital platform providing real-time event coverage. Every day Bleacher Report creates numerous content to satisfy the needs of sports fans. The strategy of the service is based on fans’ requirements to the content. Bleacher Report has covered the sports events from any place on the globe since 2007.

Guffmart – Webstore of Funny Products

Guffmart is the online store of different funny items. Nowadays, it is rather difficult to find an item that will surprise your friends or colleagues. This web app offers exactly such extraordinary products, which would prettify your boring drab. Have you seen the video with remote control flying shark? I bet everyone would like to see the faces of friends watching this shark flying outside the window. Guffmart is the place, where you can find things similar to this flying shark. The range of items available in the store includes solar powered cockroaches, pet seat belts, skull shot glasses and much other interesting stuff. Guffmart is also a young web app because it began its existence since 2016.

Irish Central – Irish News Portal

Another proof of RoR versatility is Irish Central. This web app was designed in 2009 to connect Irish people around the globe. Irish people are famous for their patriotism, and now Irish Central brings it on a new level. This web portal offers all kinds of news related to history, sports achievements, politics, business and other areas relating to the Irish. If you are not the Irish, but fond of the culture and traditions of these people, you are welcomed to visit Irish Central.

Chowhound – Food Discussion Website

Aren’t you tired of the variety of web apps built with Ruby on Rails? It is far from the end. The next step is cooking. Chowhound is the place providing interesting information about cooking and everything related. If you scratch head over the meal for tomorrow, come over to Chowhound and enjoy a wide selection of the most delicious recipes of any cuisine. The real gourmets will shout for joy. It is not advised to visit this website when hungry, because your stomach may suffer from such a variety of dainties. The history of Chowhound contains several significant dates, although its final web version came out in 2015.

Moda Operandi – Fashion Store

Do you know the future of fashion? Moda Operandi claims that it does. This online store provides numerous pages of shoes, clothing, jewelry, accessories, bags and other dressing to your choice. All these items can be searched by designers, by category or by price. Moda Operandi also provides services of style experts, which will help you look every bit gorgeous. In short, it is a rather convenient fashion store and another good example of Ruby on Rails aptitude for e-commerce development.

Funny or Die – Funny Video Website

This is a very interesting video hosting services. Unlike YouTube, Funny or Die generates only funny content based on the users’ votes. It means that if some video is recognized unfunny, it has to die. So, you do not have to browse junk, when you need to find really interesting and engaging content. An amazing feature of this web app is Celebrities category, where you can find funny videos with your favorite artists. Funny or Die was launched in April 2007, and its first video has received 84 million views.

MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter Service

MyFitnessPal was launched back in 2005, however, its modern history began in 2015, when it was acquired by Under Armor. This web app is associated with sports, but unlike Bleacher Report, MyFitnessPal deals with actual sports activities. This service provides numerous functions including calories calculation, tracking diet and training program. There are many positive users’ feedbacks claiming that this service played a key role in successful weight management. If your aim is to shed weight, you are highly advised to get acquainted with MyFitnessPal.

Whitepages – Identity Verification Service

Whitepages is a web app designed to connect people. We have already reviewed a couple of online services that performed the same function. However, this particular web application helps verify identities for businesses and individuals. The official start of this company is 2000. The services provided by Whitepages are very important for companies in the legitimation of customers and preventing fraud activities. The data is collected from hundreds of sources and is available via Whitepages.

As you can see, the developers use Ruby on Rails to create versatile web applications in different areas and industries. In the great spaces of the web, you can find many other companies using RoR to build their MVPs, for instance, and introduce their services and products to users. Moreover, many web apps that were created more than 10 years ago have kept their popularity and remain on trend nowadays. In short, the Ruby on Rails web application development has proved its efficiency and usability resulting in growing popularity among web app developers.