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Mailtrap Feed Me Campaign

Mailtrap Feed Me campaign
Venus is hungry!

The Mailtrap Feed Me campaign has started – share your fail story and win an iPad or other prizes!

Have you ever used your production database in staging or development environments just to fix some tricky bug and make sure everything works as expected.
Hell yeah, we all do this right?
But how many times have you sent test emails to the real client emails?

At Railsware we’ve been doing this regularly (just kidding only a couple of times).
Once, after sending 10.000 test emails we’ve got an email from a product owner:

“I don’t want these emails going out again in the AM or at anytime.
We really need to stop sending stage/dev system emails to customers.
This is bad business. Please fix and give me a report of what happened ASAP.” Ratepoint CTO

The coolest thing is that he got all the emails at night, his blackberry was white-hot receiving all of them.
It was the last straw and a starting point for Mailtrap at the same time.
Since that we’ve been using Mailtrap in development and production and not a single test email delivered by mistake anymore.

And now it’s time for you to share your fail story with the world!

Our Venus flytrap is hungry, so we are starting our Mailtrap Feed Me campaign.

Wanna win a brand new iPad? Piece of cake!
All you have to do is to post a story about your fail with test emails and get it ‘liked’ by other developers.

And even more, month top liked comments will receive special bonus prizes – like a real Venus Flytrap or Apple Store gift cards.

Don’t miss your chance! Share your fail and be awarded.