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Railsware offices in Krakow and Kyiv

New offices, new chapter.

Changes all around!

In 2016 we changed locations of our offices both in Kyiv and in Krakow. Railsware has developed a lot in last 5 years and for all that time we’ve felt a strong need of finding new, cosy spaces where we would feel comfortable and productive. After months of research we ended up with 2 very well-situated options. And before the end of the summer we signed contracts and finally made it!

In Kyiv

We are on the 23rd floor, with a beautiful view on the old town area and botanical garden.

Office in Kyiv

In Krakow

The office is right next to the train station which is center downtown, and getting here is quite fast from every part of the city.

Office in Krakow

Here is “Behind the scenes” time-lapse video as a short summary how it all went with Krakow office. Thanks to all Railswarians who helped to make it happen. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


We are very proud that after months of preparations we managed to finish creating the amazing work environments for our teams in Kyiv and Krakow. We are still planning some small fixes here and there, though both spaces already fulfill most of our expectations.

The company was established in 2006 so in our 10th year we start another exciting chapter in Railsware’s history, with these changes!