New Relic SaaS Platform Launch With Railsware Extensions Included

It is not a secret that New Relic has become an industry standard for web applications performance measurement among Ruby on Rails developers. Being a contributing member of Rails community, Railsware is not just an active New Relic user, but also a partner. So, when we heard about New Relic introducing their new, open and extensible APM SaaS platform, decision on our participation in early testing has been made almost instantly.


As a part of this testing, we’ve created a few simple plugins for Platform which could be valuable for New Relic users. Here they are.
  • Haproxy: monitors HAProxy – a TCP/HTTP load balancer – and reports the following data for a specified proxy:
    • Error Rate (per-min)
    • Proxy Status
    • Request Rate (per-min)
    • Active Servers
    • Sessions Active
    • Sessions Queued
  • Resque: monitors Resque – a library for processing background jobs – and reports the following data for a specified instance:
    • Number of working workers
    • Pending jobs number
    • Total failed jobs number
    • Queues number
    • Number of workers
    • Number of processed jobs
  • Processor statistics (mpstat): reports the following MP statistics: user, nice, sys, iowait, irq, soft, steal, idle, intros.
  • Logwatcher: monitors the specified log file and reports the rate of occurrences of a provided term. Logwatcher is a perfect plugin for error tracking. For example, you have a web application that occasionally generates an error and you log these errors to a file.Let’s say you proceed the error info with [Error]. So, an error might look like this: [Error] Bats in the belfry To track the rate of errors you just need to install the plugin and provide the following options: log_path: /var/log/app.log term: “[Error]”


After you create your New Relic account – find “Plugins” menu item in left navigation side bar, choose plugin you are interested in and follow to the further install instructions.Plugin Central - New Relic 2013-06-19 16-07-12At Railsware, we’ve been using New Relic for quite a while now and, in our opinion, SaaS Platform launch is a huge step forward in the process of growing New Relic to a solid monitoring solution.Yet, there’s still some space for Platform usability enhancement and we hope New Relic team will keep working on and improving this solution. As a New Relic partner, we will always provide a constructive feedback, suggestions and validations to the New Relic team. And it is our strong belief that so will other New Relic users and partners.