New Relic Goes Mobile with New Relic for Native iOS & Android Apps

This is a guest blog post from Bill Hodak, Director of Product Marketing at New Relic, the SaaS-based application management provider and a Railsware partner.If you’re a mobile app developer, you know the challenges of getting your app to market. With over 1.5 million available apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play alone, the competition for user adoption is fierce. The difference between a successful app and one that fails can come down to speed to market, application performance and a high quality user experience.Until now, there has been no way to have actionable insight into the performance of you apps. With multiple points of possible failure, whether deep within the application code, in the mobile device itself, or in calls to third party APIs such as Facebook, PayPal and Twitter, you could only guess at the quality of the user experience and the precise location of performance bottlenecks.

Introducing New Relic for Native iOS & Android Mobile Apps

Today we’re excited to announce the availability of New Relic for Mobile Apps. Now the same powerful, real time performance data you’ve come to rely on is available for your native iOS and Android applications. For the first time ever, you’ll have in-depth insight into real users, sessions and finger swipes as they happen.With New Relic for Native Mobile Apps, you’ll be able to:
  • Gain visibility into the health of your native mobile apps
  • Provide faster, more reliable apps to your customers
  • Constantly monitor the health of services that your app depends on for its success
  • Get detailed network and web server level error analysis
New Relic for Mobile Apps is deeply integrated with New Relic for web and mobile browser applications. It shares the same one-screen view, making New Relic’s combined services and capabilities the only solution to monitor software, no matter where it’s running in an app server, browser or mobile device.

Get Started Today

For a limited time, you can try New Relic for Mobile Apps Enterprise free for 30 days! If you’re already using New Relic for web apps you already have New Relic for Mobile Apps. Just log in to your New Relic account and click on the new Mobile tab to get started. Once the trial is over, you’ll get New Relic for Mobile Apps Standard, for unlimited apps and users, free through our long-standing partnership. It takes less than minutes to sign up and deploy the New Relic Mobile SDK into you application. You’ll quickly start seeing data and wonder how you ever got by without it.