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Product Development Life Cycle

Things and ideas are alive; they come to life and die as humans do. Their lives are stories – some are straightforward and ordinary to the point of being boring, some are full of ups and downs, abrupt twists, and breathtaking moments. If we put aside romanticism and look behind …

Lean Product Development

What Makes Product Development Lean

Constantly decreasing costs, no waste, minimum throughput time, maximum capacity, unlimited flexibility, and high customer satisfaction. Sounds too good to be true? But that’s what lean is all about. What is “lean”? Being able to progressively create “insanely great” products, as Steve Jobs would put it, and especially at the …

Why we use ReactJS

Why Use React JS?

There are many reasons why ReactJS is our favourite JavaScript library. If you’re still not sure whether it will work for your project, check out our article!

Agile Product Inception

Agile Product Inception at Railsware

Agile Inception is a product discovery process we use at Railsware. It lets you deeply understand your customers, figure out how to address their problems and build a profitable business out of it. It helped us launch dozens of successful products over the years and we think you should try it too.