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Famous Ruby on Rails Apps

Famous Web Apps Built with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails has become the top trend for the development of web apps in recent years. Ruby is a programming language, and Rails is a web app framework for web development in this language. Such composition results in a very convenient and elegant solution for the creation of web …

Hideable React component using HOC

Hideable React component using HOC

Imagine that we have a very simple React component Hello which greets a user with a message:

Railsware case of using Airtable

How Airtable can help you in real life: Railsware example

I can imagine there are billions of real life applications that Airtable helps with. Starting from simple ones like keeping track of all your manga comic books and issue and inventory tracking, up to less obvious like touring activity management and film production assistance. No wonder this tool has been …

Working at Railsware

My first 3 months at Railsware

Hi, my name is Anna. I am 25. I am a linguist and today I will tell about my first 3 months in IT company. I’ve learned a lot during those 90 days and would like to share this knowledge with you. In order not to make this post too …

Managing state of business logic in Angular

Managing state of business logic in Angular

I assume you’ve heard a lot about state in the context of react, flux, redux. However, state appears to be a good container to represent business logic. It is much easier to maintain component when you have overview of its state. React philosophy is built on the state and it …


Smart Checklist add-on for JIRA Server released

For months we’ve been providing JIRA Cloud users with the ability to manage their Definitions of Done, ToDo’s, Acceptance Criteria’s inside JIRA issue avoiding complex sub-tasks creation with Smart Checklist add-on for JIRA Cloud. Using Enterprise Cloud Edition (paid) they’ve got even more enhanced functionality. The time has come to …