PiRo – the Rocket for you PivotalTracker account(s)

The PivotalTracker is a great tool. Our company using it for all web projects. But even this tool doesn’t cover all our needs:
  • One person can work under more, than one project
  • Some persons work with other teams, which have own PivotalTracker account
  • Get information about all stories in all projects, in which you are owner or requester
For this workflow we developed PivotalBooster, but not all developers have Mac OS (even in our company). And someone like me saw solving of these problems in another way. So, I want present to you PiRo (http://piro.railsware.com/) – the Rocket for your PivotalTracker account(s). This is a Google Chrome extension, which have such features:
  • Multiaccount;
  • Show stories from all projects, where you are owner or requester;
  • Open source (!!!).


Extension has two variants of working – popup mode (like standard chrome extensions) and fullscreen mode (working in a separate tab). You can change this option on “Options page”. On this page you can also change interval of time synchronization with PivotalTracker and manage your accounts. Here some screenshots:PiRo - add new storyPiRO - descriptionPiRo - SettingsPiRo - Accounts


This Google Chrome extension wrote on HTML/CSS and JavaScript. For more comfortable developing with JavaScript, I used CoffeeScript. For templating I used Hogan.js – JavaScript templating from Twitter. Also used JQuery, JQuery UI, Chosen and Jeditable. All data stored in localStorage of browser.

Working with PivotalTracker API

In extension used 4 version of PivotalTracker API. The main advantages of PivotalTracker API:
  • RealTime – I worked with many APIs, but many of them have rate limit for requests. PivotalTracker doesn’t have such restriction.
  • Good designed and documented – no comments
But this API also have disadvantages, that I had to solve with own help:


Better to do well, than to say well. Just try it.The main page of extension: http://piro.railsware.com/Source code: https://github.com/railsware/piroPlease send us your feedback and comments.That’s all folks!