Quest for New Office

house of our dreamsWe had both a reason and a cause for moving to the new office, the bigger and more comfortable one. As a reason was the fact that our team had overgrown our old office not only morally, but physically too.So we began to look for a home of our dreams. In our imagination it supposed to be a big, comfortable house with a cute backyard and good infrastructure around, of course. Quickly enough, we realized that the houses of that kind are mostly placed in suburbs or in the private sector. Moreover, the owners wanted those houses to be rented rather by families not companies. Also, they were not happy of our intention to re-do whole premises for our customary needs. Finally, we had to search among industrial estates. Packs of soviet style variants (places with many tiny rooms and without open space at all) have been looked through and rejected.After a while, we finally choose one place, but not unanimously. It was not a bad place and we were allowed to make repair based on our office-of-our-dreams vision. But we still had no feeling that it was OUR office. The lack of such feeling was supported by the sum required for the repair. The fate had to get involved. One day after just another conversations re this premises one of our co-founders ran in to check one more variant on his way back to our old office. And THAT WAS IT. Second floor and the roof of two-storeyed building near the river and close to the city center.There was a lot of fun, boring and crazy stuff afterwards – weeks of conversations, rent increasing in few minutes before signing the rent agreement, office designing and redesigning, the maintenance, night barbecue, moving itself… but it is another separate story :-)