Railsware – Django Stars friendly match

Railsware (ruby t-shorts) and Django Stars (yellow t-shorts) first leg short photo-report.First half of the match. Kickoff. _MG_5497Run of play was quite smooth. _MG_5543_MG_5404– Rozum! Press them, press them with your intelligence! _MG_5500Banner on the wall says: “It’s time to take action!” _MG_5415Halftime. _MG_5601Time for fans to warm up. _MG_5612Second half. _MG_5426Railsware adds twenty second and the last goal of the match with 1 minute to go. Railsware – Django Stars 12:10 _MG_5773Co-starring. Fans – very important part of the team. _MG_5376 _MG_5375First operator. _MG_5393Second operator and the best commentator ever. Check out the first half video with his comments (in Russian) on vimeo. _MG_5786Afterparty. Afterparty