Railsware at Rubyshift and RubyC 2011 conferences

During last month railswarians took a part in a really great Ruby events: Rubyshift in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine and RubyC in Kyiv, Ukraine.

RubyShift October 22-23 2011

Conference gathered more than 250 participants and speakers from all over the world including Pat Allan (@pat), Sven Fuchs (@svenfuchs), Josh Kalderimis (@joshkalderimis), Jon Leighton (@jonleighton), Thorben Schröder.This is the first time we decided to film such events and not only because 3 Railswarian heroes (Sergey Korolev, Sergey Boiko, Alexander Mishyn) had cool speeches on RubyShift stages. We really wanted to share good content with Ruby community and interview various participants on specifics of ukrainian development culture, their plans, issues and to understand the way we all have to move on better.Conference videos are available at Vimeo (Credits to Dmitry Larkin — our super-camera-man!). We will definitely share more speeches and interviews with Ruby stars soon.More photos can be found at: our Flickr stream.RubyShift  was organized great: venue and afterpartiies (yeah, everybody really enjoyed it) where smart, creative people met and socialized together.Thanks again to organizers crew @beai, @ifesdjeen and @mariya_o5. Good luck to you, guys with more #RubyShifts in the future!

RubyC November 5-6 2011

RubyC conference taken a place in Kiev November 5-6.Ruby guys like Joinas Nicklas (@jonicklas), Steve Klabnik (@steveklabnik) , Ryan Bigg (@ryanbigg), Darcy Laycock (@sutto) and Pat Allan (@pat) rocked during these weekend. Railswarian Bogdan Gusiev made a great speech about “Fighting Fat Models”.And again we shoot some nice videos.Finally, I’d like to wish Ukrainan developers to be more active, talk to guests, they are really willing to chat, that’s one of main reasons they’ve decided to attend these conferences. Talk to peopl like you during coffee breaks, afterparties. That’s the main event purpose: socialize, exchange, share your great ideas! Do not be scared of video cam as well :) It’s your opportunity to pass the message to a wide range of Ruby developers, business people, help in establishing community. Rock on guys!


Both conferences inspired us to be more active in introducing our work style, approaches, do more open source products and exchange innovations with community. Blogging, filming, interviewing participation and conferences organizintrg (yes, we have a lot of cool stuff to talk about!) and produce internal products so that we can make life of Ruby community and companies a bit easier — that’s our next step. And we will do it of course with lots of fun! :)Stay tuned!