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Railsware Supports Ukraine

Since its first days, Railsware has been a multicultural community of like-minders. We have clients all over the globe. The same goes for our teammates. Being truly international, we remember that our roots are, and have always been, in Ukraine. In these challenging times, it is our duty to help our motherland. To support Ukraine, Railsware launched a number of initiatives, and we encourage everyone to join us.

How Railsware helps Ukraine

As civilians, we have to fight in this war with all the possible methods. We concentrate our efforts on volunteering, financial and humanitarian support, as well as IT resistance. Here’s what we do.

Cut all ties with aggressor countries

Railsware terminated all active accounts of users from Russia and Belarus in our software products. We encourage our clients, friends, and partners from the network to join us in this movement and stop cooperation with all the Russian companies. 

Help Ukrainian businesses affected by the war

Mailtrap and Coupler.io are the two Railsware products with more than 1M users worldwide. A significant part of these users is Ukrainians. To support them, we provide free access to our products to those UA businesses who need it the most. All they need to do is drop us a note at contact@coupler.io or support@mailtrap.io and request free access. 

Support Ukrainian economy 

Many Railswarians work in Ukraine and contribute to the Ukrainian economy. They pay taxes, buy goods, and support their families. We care about our team and want them to be physically, morally, and financially safe in these uncertain times. 

As a team, Railsware continues working on all our projects and hiring specialists from Ukraine and not only. So you can join our team.

Fight russian propaganda 

Today, even after 6 months of the war, we still believe that it’s critical to spread the word about Ukraine and this unprovoked war. We contacted our partners, clients, and job candidates, asking them not to be irrelevant and help if they can. In response, we received hundreds of letters with words of compassion and support. 

Prop up IT initiatives

We’ve supported many IT projects that aim at helping Ukrainians who stayed in Ukraine and left the country. Yet, we are the proudest of the DoctorOnlineUA project. 

DoctorOnlineUA was initiated by the Bukovinian State Medical University when a large number of highly qualified university doctors expressed a desire to provide medical consultations on a volunteer basis. Our team joined the project and now manages and promotes it. As of today, more than 1600 consultations have been held for free.

Volunteer and donate

The Railsware team has been donating since the first day of the war and continues to do that.

We buy a lot of necessary stuff solo and collaborate with other companies and funds to buy essential goods, medicines, personal protective equipment, electronics, cars, and much more.

So far, we’ve purchased and delivered:

  • Medical equipment: coagulation electrosurgical unit for the Kyiv Main Military Clinical Hospital; 340 emergency tourniquets.
  • Medicine: 100+ boxes of all sorts of medicine.
  • Cars: 17 new cars; helped to repair damaged cars.
  • Сomputer equipment: 5 laptops for evacuated teachers from Mariupol, 2 laptops for teaching sappers.
  • Telecommunications systems: 16 Startlink systems, 350 radio devices. 
  • Dual-use goods; 70 drones; 100 thermovision & optical devices, power generators.
  • Body armor and other necessities: helmets, plate carriers, plates, backpacks, sleeping bags, etc.

We closely collaborate with various volunteers and organizations to support people affected by war. As soon as we found out about the Nova-Kakhovka dam explosion, we’ve transferred $15K to Kherson volunteering organizations.

Apart from that, our team regularly donates to medical institutions in Ukraine, participates in charity events, and assists humanitarian and medical initiatives of other organizations and volunteers.

For instance, recently, we joined the initiative of CitySwell together with other UA companies. The results are in this video

Foster cultural initiatives

Since russia has used culture as a weapon for centuries oppressing, imprisoning, and killing thousands of Ukrainian artists, we believe that the revival of our national cultural heritage is a crucial step in winning this war. 

When we discovered the GasolineRadio project that aims to restore our culture and form a new image of Ukraine with its own unique tradition, our team decided to support the initiative. 

GasolineRadio wants to bring lost Ukrainian archives to a wide audience, show the non-trivial character of Ukrainian music and popularize the archived materials that were hidden or censored by russia for a long time. Also, the project has plans to create documentaries about Ukrainian folklore. 

We share the values of the project and want to join the mission. That is why we support the GasolineRadio financially by purchasing the equipment, and assisting in future documentary filming.

But it’s not over. More is yet to come.

Recognition and appreciation

No good deed goes unseen! The Railsware team supports many Ukrainian army units and various military, medical, volunteer organizations and is happy to get any feedback from them. Here are just some of the appreciation letters we got with the words of thanks.

How you can contribute

Ukrainians have taught us that once united, we can do anything. Don’t think that there’s nothing you can do to stop this war. Help Ukraine now.

Stop sponsoring the war

If you really want to support Ukraine, reach out to the international companies that decided to stay in Russia or/and Belarus and demand that they stop sponsoring the war. 

Give up russian and belorussian products and services. Don’t buy goods produced in aggressor countries.

Appeal to your government and sign petitions for more sanctions against Russia. 

Talk about Ukraine

Spread the word about the war in your community. Some people don’t know what’s happening or still believe Russian propaganda. Share only verified information from international, unbiased sources and journalists who are in Ukraine right now. 

There are already a few million refugees and thousands of casualties, and every kind of help is vital. Here is the list of trusted sources you can support:

Supplies for the military:

Humanitarian supplies:

Supplies for Ukrainian animals suffering from war:

If you live in Europe, you can help our refugees with hosting, transportation, food, and water.

Even the smallest action has a significant impact and can bring relief for those in need.