RW podcats

Ruby and Web Podcast

For our Russian-speaking readers, we will now be also sharing a weekly podcast by Alexey Vasiliev and Alex Chaplinsky about Ruby and web technologies. Enjoy!This week talking about:
      • DevDocs – multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface.
      • Token Based Authentication in Rails
      • A List of Deprecated Stuff in Ruby
      • PostgreSQL awesomeness for Rails developers
      • Facets – how secure are your Ruby projects? Scan Gemfile.lock for vulnerabilities, take action, and ship secure apps!
      • Overriding Unicorn worker process names
      • Drone and Docker, Open Source CI
      • Angular, Ember, And Backbone: Which JavaScript Framework Is Right For You?
      • 7 Minimal Node.js Web Frameworks for 2014 and Beyond
    – MVVM Made Simple and TodoMVC Benchmark
  • L20n – a new localization framework developed by Mozilla for the Web
  • Bonsai.js, Joint.js, Doctored.js and Wcs.js