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Second Krakow Dribbble Meetup

Second Kraków Dribbble Meetup kicked-off in a well designed style

On Tuesday, 28th March a second official Dribbble Kraków meetup opened its doors to a bunch of creative minds including our team of Railswarians.

For those who aren’t familiar yet, Dribbble is a show and tell place for designers, illustrators, icon artists and other creative folks. It’s an online community joining people from all over the globe who share, explore and promote design.

This year, the meetup was held in a coworking space for startups hub:raum. The team behind this awesome event consists of three (yes, only three!) super talented designer friends Damian Watracz, Miłosz Klimek and Patrycja Picha. Their passion for design, continuous hard work and creativity made the Dribbble magic happen. At 6:00pm sharp the room was already packed with more than 200 people eager to see the first presentation of the evening.

Everyone who showed up could enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and grab some cool goodies from Dribbble and Stocksy United. We also shared our Railsware monsters stickers created by the talented product designer Vlad Shagov.


The ice breaker presentation was delivered by Creogram, a branding & digital agency whose motto is to design, contribute and inspire. Senior graphic designer Krzysztof Łabno was talking about web design, branding in practice and 3D modelling. He showed off some impressing projects including Arrinera Hussarya client, Lytton Living and more. Great start!

Second up was Netguru team Paweł Kontek and Krzysztof Jackowski explaining the science behind designer and developer cooperation. Their presentation highlighted the importance of interpersonal communication, respect of your work and an open minded approach to every project.

Olek Karkoszka from Łobzowska Studio took us through the complexity of combining graphic design, photography and product design within one company. His neat presentation wasn’t shy of witty comments and inspiring client stories including Endorfina for Oliwki etc and (un)funfair town for The Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. We then entered the world of fashion for a few minutes while watching a short video from Łobzowska Studio Fashion Day.

Next one up were Sławek Wydra and Błażej Pieczonka from the animation studio Pigeon who blew us away with their inspiring storytelling presentation “50 Faces Of Motion Design”. Those guys take animation to another level creating engaging stories for web, broadcast and cinema. They spoke about creative production process on the example of MetaBrite client. You really got things movin’ guys, well done.

“Off we go! Visual identification of a festival” presentation by Grzegorz Podsiadlik took us on an exciting journey of organising OFF Festival 2016. Grzegorz is the owner of Kraków based Parastudio who specialises in art direction, graphic design and motion graphics for culture and business.

Last but definitely not least was Estimote team, experts in building a sensor-based analytics and engagement platform. In their presentation “Inventing the future – about designing an IoT product”, Olga Dąbrowska and Maciej Chart-Olasiński shared their vision on prototyping, innovative developments and inspiring company workshops. They also talked about the challenges and solutions while improving Beacons. Those guys kept us engaged until the end of presentations.

The evening was wrapped up with chats over well deserved beer and a few snacks. It was great to connect with so many creative folks and spot a few of them already walking around with the Railsware monsters stickers stuck to their jumpers! Big thanks to the Dribbble Krakow meetup Organisers for holding yet another successful evening. Until the next year, guys! It was a pleasure to take part and support you as one of the sponsors.

Dribbble Meetup 2017

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