SlowTrip demo at Hackathon Europe 2013

We haven’t even got back home yet, but the Hackathon at TC Dusrupt Europe has been so big, fun and exciting, we can’t wait to share this with you :)Below is a 1-minute pitch of our hack there that we’ve developed with the team of 6: Leonid Shevtsov, Andrii Krykunenko, Alex Mishyn, Sergey Korolev, Yaroslav lazor and remote design support — Andrei Khorolets!Congrats to the whole team! The hack is great and the team has got the 2nd (unplanned) prize from the sponsors: Foursquare and Lufhansa.

SlowTrip – take it easy and enjoy the scenery!

How often do you find yourself driving on the highway from point A to point B with nothing interesting to see, not knowing where should you stop for a good sight? SlowTrip finds beautiful scenery along your route and proposes places that are worth stopping by. First you enter your starting point and destination. Then, you choose from a selection of breathtaking scenic places. Our algorithm is designed to bring out places that really stand out of the norm. Lastly, you download a list of places as a GPX file, ready to import into Google Earth or a navigator of your choice.