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Smart Checklist add-on for JIRA Server released

For months we’ve been providing JIRA Cloud users with the ability to manage their Definitions of Done, ToDo’s, Acceptance Criteria’s inside JIRA issue avoiding complex sub-tasks creation with Smart Checklist add-on for JIRA Cloud. Using Smart Checklist Enterprise Cloud Edition (paid) they’ve got even more enhanced functionality.
The time has come to bring the same good experience for JIRA Server users.

Checklist for JIRA Server

We are glad to introduce you Smart Checklist add-on for JIRA Server!

So far Smart Checklist Enterprise became the first add-on among all the other ToDos/checklists types on Atlassian Marketplace which supports both Cloud and Server JIRA instances.

Why you might need JIRA Server

  • if you are looking for extensive set of add-ons or even want to implement some set of customized solutions
  • if your company has some sensitive data that you don’t want to store in Cloud
  • if your company has more than 2000 users
  • and if you want to save actual money on JIRA server/add-ons purchase

Check full Pros and Cons list of Cloud vs. Server review from Atlassian

With JIRA Smart Checklist for Server you can

  • Use full-screen editor with Markdown support and simple syntax for more convenient work with checklists
  • Group checklists with headlines and add details to any checklist item
  • Track checklist items state
  • Use checklist as a template and share it via view email, pdf, notes
  • Populate checklist via usual JIRA API
  • Trigger checklist values changes by JIRA workflow transition

And since latest version – users of Enterprise edition can easily work with Jira checklists from issue details view on Agile board!

Smart Checklist is an ideal solution for teams who switched from Trello to JIRA Software and can substitute Trello checklists.
Finally all the extensive configuration and usage guides could be found on our add-on Knowledge Base.

Have any questions, comments, or feedback? Feel free to drop us a line at smartchecklist@railsware.com. We’d love to hear from you!*