Smart Checklist features

Smart Checklist product update: August Edition

Summer 2017 is behind and we decided that it’s a good time to start a new season with a summary of what was released for JIRA Smart Checklist lately.

So in this blog post it goes about new features which give you an opportunity to:

  • Save Checklist as a template and use it as a Default Checklist per project.
  • Change Checklist Position.
  • Highlight User or Date making necessary information more visible for your team.
  • Quickly and easily add new checklist items.

Let’s review each of new features in more details.


If you ever had an issue of using the same checklist in JIRA items over and over again or you were bored with manual copy/pasting from ticket to ticket – now you have the solution. Create your standard Checklist, save/import it and set as a default with Smart Checklist add-on. Next time when adding a Checklist just import a template you created.

It might be used effectively for Acceptance Criteria, Definitions of Done, QA, Release, Onboarding and other repeatable processes.

Quick Add

If you do not need a template but want to create a new checklist from scratch, no need in Full Screen Editor anymore. Just use Quick Add and create new checklist items easily right from JIRA issue view.

Change Checklist Position

From now on you can adjust Smart Checklist position as it suits you best. This can be helpful when your Checklist is too big to fit the right sidebar. To adjust open “Edit” menu and choose “Show checklist in center panel”. Settings are saved per project.

Highlight User or Date

Don’t want your team to miss important details? Indicate the responsible person or the due date. Markup will help you here.

You type

# ToDo
- @Sam deliver to staging 01/08
- @Richard to prepare release notes by 11/08/2017
- @Jak.Law deliver to production 2017/08/20

You get

This is all the news. But more to come! Next month we plan to work hard on improving first user experience so that JIRA users will get started with Smart Checklist for Jira much faster. Stay Tuned!

P.S. If you use JIRA and want to boost your team’s performance by using checklist, get it from marketplace You may also find it useful to read an article telling how Agile teams benefit from using checklists in Jira.