Railsware on TechCrunch Disrupt

TC Disrupt Hackathon 2014

It hasn’t took us too long to get back to yet another TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon contest. We’re eager to hack some cool ideas, so just couldn’t miss another chance to participate. Previous time, in Berlin, we’ve presented SlowTrip project and got a prize for it.This time was a different story though. We’ve suffered from a lack of free time and ideas. Many ideas were discarded, so we went all the way down to our hacking nature… simply because we decided to trash our initial idea even during the event time! Brave decision and the high risk of having no mention during award time. But, hey, that’s a hackathon and by the rules you have to use only 24 hours and no home work brought to the hall preferably. We do believe, we became one of the most honest and fair teams on the contest by this criteria. No prize though, despite all the struggle, crazy jet lag and exhaustion.So here’s what we did. After internal discussion, and talks with guys from Yammer and Evernote, we decided to target ourselves on making small, yet powerful improvement for Yammer – a very important tool for internal communication in Railsware. After we’ve finished, Yammer became even better, with the power of managing tasks via tags, colors, and a little touch of magic behind the curtains ;) Just check out our submission for details, screenshots and, of course, link to the Chrome plugin.
All of these Hackathon events were surrounded by NYC, a very special city, most of the current team visited it for the first time. Maybe these views would appear common to you, maybe they will force you to visit NYC again, who knows.…and after getting back to home it’s surprisingly cool to find it out, after opening some Yammer page, that your tiny little plugin still works perfect – great feeling!