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The First Pivorak Conference: Railsware Shares Its Product-Centric Approach with the Ruby Community

What is the best way to solve a tricky task, understand and sort out a complicated algorithm, or discover that a new widely advertised tool is in fact substandard? We believe that discussions with like-minded colleagues and friends get the job done. “Contribute to Community”, one of the core values at Railsware, fully supports this idea.

Railsware supports Pivorak first conference

We are excited to take an active part in the upcoming first Pivorak conference in Lviv, Ukraine, which will be held on October 26, 2018. Pivorak is a community of Rubyists, which started in 2015 as a series of small meetups, now unites around 400 open-minded Ruby adepts. This year the event will have a new format, including several presentations and wide networking opportunities.

We’ve been supporting the Pivorak community for a year now, and it’s been inspiring to watch it grow from meetups into a large-scale event.

The main discussions will concentrate on building high-quality products and promoting a product-centric approach on every stage of their creation. Artur Hebda, our full stack engineer, will share his experience and best practices in the product-code relationship. During the presentation titled “Product engineer – a perfect technical executor for cross-functional teams” he will answer several widely discussed and provocative questions:

  • When is the code good?
  • How to maintain tech debt?
  • What is the balance between business requirements and refactoring needs?

With Ruby on Rails as one of our core areas of expertise and with most innovative and efficient approaches to building great products, we are very enthusiastic in supporting the Pivorak community which shares our values.

We believe it will be a successful event, and looking forward to meeting our friends and partners in the beautiful city of Lviv in Ukraine.

P. S. Do you know what “Pivorak” means? It’s a combination of the Ukrainian names for beer and crawfish, which have become a traditional part of the events’ after-parties, as well as their special feature. It is fun and, moreover, reflects the authentic atmosphere of friends gathering on Fridays.