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Finance and Admin Manager

We're looking for 2 smart professionals who could support our day to day book-keeping, financial and operational activities in our offices in Poland (Krakow) and Ukraine (Kyiv). Naming of the position is tricky as it contains a couple of different scopes of responsibility. Ideally, you would be able to blend your own vision into Railsware’s way of doing finances, at the same time getting involved into other projects like general administration, daily operations and office management.

A person that will match our expectations is familiar with accounting basics, with business understanding and acumen. You have passion in life and ambitious goals to achieve. You are a problem solver who will help us to take our finances and daily operations to the next level by creating well-documented processes, automating calculations, using databases and spreadsheets in order to ensure that Operations and Finances in Railsware work on a great level.

About Us

At Railsware, we believe that these are the key components to make a truly exceptional team:

  • Gathering passion-driven T-shaped skilled individuals together
  • Providing them with an innovative environment to advance their skills
  • Sharing the same culture, values and core qualities

In this case, we actually mean it. We create a culture of transparency, excellence, and perfection in everything we do. We value open communication and feedback, providing space for people to change and improve. We strive for doing the right thing, but always do what works. We encourage measuring the outcome of progress, and making decisions based on that. We constantly learn - we observe the industry and the best companies out there. We help world class businesses build awesome digital products and provide them with best chances to succeed.

Discover how we do it.

We are now looking for an exceptional professional to make a significant contribution to running financial operations in our company. Important statement is that performing pure accounting is sometimes BORING. Here at Railsware we automate and conceptualize 80% of our processes, so those become UN-BORING! You can now enjoy seeing 100% super diligent results with only 20% of efforts.

Your skills

  • 2+ years BI/accounting/finance experience
  • Ideally, a minimum of 1,5 years relevant working experience
  • Project Management skills, including
    • Ability to execute on a great level
    • Creating reusable lists of tasks and activities (documenting processes)
    • Setting up realistic time frames
    • Efficiently working and communicating with set of a lot of different people (users, customers, colleagues, advisors)
  • Knowledge of accounting principles (KSR, US GAAP and/or IFRS)
  • IT and systems expertise:
    • Google Spreadsheets (filter and array formulas, data import between GSheets are must)
  • Data driven approach to work - decisions are based on data and facts, not emotions/assumptions
  • Fluent English (both written and spoken) - we communicate in English majority of our time, and English is our main working language
  • Excellent computer literacy - so it’s easy for you to use different hardware and software, mostly related to finances and administration
  • Proactiveness and ownership - meaning that you don’t wait for anyone to tell you what should be done, you own stuff and if something is unclear you ask questions

Would be a plus

  • Passion for using software rather than being afraid of it and doing stuff manually:
  • Bonus points for:
    • Xero - for accounting
    • Slack, any chat or tool for communication
    • Airtable - as database
    • Jira, Trello, Asana - for task/project management
  • Bonus points for:
    • DataBlending and analytical tools - like Alteryx, Pentaho, Talend
    • Writing code (any code really)
  • Familiarity with innovative approaches to solving issues and problems
  • Ability to work with others in an informal environment, socially enabled, not afraid to collaborate
  • Education and certifications: Degree in Finance or Accounting

Your responsibilities

  • You manage local entity budget (in Poland or Ukraine), including creating budget from the scratch, managing all expenses and being able to explain discrepancies
  • You cover local entity accounting, contact with local accounting office, making sure all documents are gathered and delivered on time
  • You ensure that local Railswarians’ documentation is done properly and on time, including preparing cooperation agreements, NDAs, bank references, etc. for them, as well as managing contractors’ databases
  • You handle benefits for Railswarians to make sure that all their bonuses and perks are included in their salaries, and financial refunds are done on time
  • You do hardware and inventory management, buying hardware, making sure that all that is included in benefits and salaries
  • You run activities related to office environment, including space management, new design and refurbishments, repair works arrangement and you communicate about all that to Railswarians
  • You resolve issues reported by Railswarians on different matters (related to your scope of responsibility)
  • You optimize any work you do by doing it manually and understanding it, documenting it, making a process out of it and then making a data driven automation (DataBlending, mostly GSheets) in many contexts and functions

How will your work look like

  • You will work directly with our Chief Financial Officer on different projects such as accounting for local companies, preparation of different documentation for Railswarians, looking after Krakow or Kiev office, running traveling, visa and immigration processes
  • You will have a chance to grow on a cross-disciplinary position, in an international environment, surrounded by amazing people, doing a job that enables you to develop yourself every day
  • You can learn “Railsware scientific way” - operate on understanding approaches, learn new frameworks, work on processes and have a real influence on how Support and Operations work in the company
  • You can evolve, doing your job, trying to be better every day and enjoying being an important part of the Company, enabling Railsware team to do their job on a great level


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  • Great clients from North America and Europe
  • World-class engineering and design team
  • Top-notch approaches in product design and engineering
  • You are the key driver for your personal growth
  • Ability to contribute to a company level initiatives
  • Allocate 10% of working time to Railsware Labs activities
  • Educational programs
Work Local or Remote Icon

Work in the office or remotely

  • Two comfortable offices in Kyiv, Ukraine and Krakow, Poland (Ergonomic chairs and standing desks. Always fresh food and drinks)
  • Work in the office or remotely
  • Flexible hours
Travel around the World Icon

Travel around
the World

  • Participation in local and international conferences and hackathons
  • Relocation to Poland (If there is a need)
  • Company retreats to amazing places like Austrian Alps or Crete
Benefits Compensation Icon

Great compensation

  • Competitive salaries
  • Salary calculated based on 360 degree colleagues review
  • Revenue based half-year bonus
  • Additional financial services (Saving programs, Microcredits)
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  • Best hardware and equipment
  • Medical insurance for you and your family
  • 34 days of vacations per year
  • 3 quick illness days and 24 long illness days, but hope you won’t need this ;)
  • To motivate our team to stay fit, we cover sport expenses
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