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Booster for Pivotal Tracker is another free application created by Railsware Team. It is aimed at boosting productivity of other development teams that are actively using Pivotal Tracker.

Booster is a simple and fast Mac OS X client for the popular service. Booster features allow its users to concentrate on all the stories they have, get all the information they need, and be always up to date.

Pivotal Booster, from our friends at the Railsware, is a beautiful OS X client. It’s Free, it’s in Beta, it’s easy to install and if you’re a Mac user there’s no reason not to get it.
Ronan Dunlop
Director of Marketing at Pivotal Labs


Booster is another great tool that has been primarily created for internal use by our development team and then shared with other developers on a free basis. Again, the product idea came naturally out of the needs we had at the time and was developed by Railswarians from scoping and design to the technical implementation and support.

Graphical Design
Interaction Design
System Integration


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Pivotal Tracker
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Montessori Compass
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