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Ext. Communications Manager

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Remote work
Flexible Schedule
Full time

We're looking for a passionate and talented External Communications Manager who can work cross-functionally and isn't hesitant to take risks or try new things. You will experiment with the latest industry trends and test different communication strategies. If you are an enthusiastic person who can promote complex topics via well-written, simple content - join our distributed team of professionals.

Projects you will work on

At first, you will help define the Employer Branding strategy and promote Railsware to potential candidates for various roles within the organization. Your key target will include building a global brand in Europe and South America. We also expect you to help us shape the Railsware image in social media. Later on, your area of responsibility will expand to consultancy (product management and engineering services for our clients) as well as Railsware Labs (our own products).

Your skills and experience

  • Work experience in the same or related position
  • Fluent English, Ukrainian, and Russian (both written and spoken)
  • Excellent content writing skills
  • Exceptional networker and negotiator
  • Ability to build long-lasting, productive relationships
  • Ability to detect and follow trends, create them yourself
  • Good understanding of the international startup and tech ecosystem
  • High level of energy and ownership
  • Data-driven approach (decisions are based on data, not on a gut feeling)
  • Public speaking skills

Your responsibilities

  • Help define vision and external communications strategy
  • Define company positioning and adapt it to various target audiences
  • Build global and local brand awareness
  • Conduct market research to reach our target audience with the correct message via relevant platforms
  • Create unique and catchy content: press-releases, interviews, articles, landing pages (website content), experts columns
  • Manage the communications plan
  • Search and elaborate new promo channels
  • Manage media relations and communication with journalists
  • Support PR Partnerships
  • Public speaking support: help speakers with presentations and interview content preparation
  • Run company profiles on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)

and Perks

As a part of our life-work balance, we want Railswarians to live an active and wholesome life. That’s why we take perks pretty seriously.
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  • Competitive compensation
    Let's face it: in a late capitalistic world, getting paid well certainly doesn't hurt.
  • Best hardware and equipment
    Your productivity is our priority. Once joined Railsware, you’ll get the top equipment of your choice.
  • Remote and flexible schedule
    Railswarians live in more than 25 countries with different time zones. All of them are free to choose their most productive work time.
  • 34 Paid time off
    Railswarians rest 24 days per year
    + 10 days to cover your national holidays.
  • Insurance Coverage
    There's an additional budget allocated for you to cover your medical expenses. No. Questions. Asked.
  • Annual Retreat
    Once a year, we meet in a beautiful place to get acquainted in person, collaborate, build network, and have fun together.
  • Education coverage
    At Railsware, we don’t tell you how or what to learn. Pick the format/topic/tool you prefer and we’ll support you.