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Ruby on rails development in London

Railsware is a RoR web development company who helped build products for SendGrid and Calendly. The product mindset, strong engineering culture and more than a decade of startups building experience – we'll add a great value to your tech business.

A shortage of skilled Ruby on Rails developers in the UK doesn't have to be a problem. Railsware has worked with London-based clients such as 4Finance, SupaDupa, and Quorso. Along the way we created Mailtrap, SmartChecklist, and other developer-facing products. For a long time Railsware has been an active member of the local tech community. Inspired by innovations taking place in London, we'd love to help more companies there build great products.

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Meet railsware, Ruby on rails agency, London

Railsware at its core is a RoR development company with a good mix of latest JavaSscript technologies including React, Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, and React Native. Ruby on Rails makes it easy to build products quickly and deliver them to the market with high code quality. And it's a great technology for startups – our clients.

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Exceptional tech skills

We hire full stack Ruby on Rails developers with expertise in back-end, front-end and mobile application development. Our software engineers also have the expertise in building machine learning algorithms to solve problems at some of our projects in the field of fintech and education. We’re always staying on top of cutting edge technology.

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Collaborative startup culture

It took us 11 years of constant experiments, applying new methodologies and training people to build a startup culture in our team. We bring together cross-functional expertise, Agile methodology, and excellent technical knowledge. We innovate, solve problems together, and discover new solutions that make it into successful products.

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Selected case studies

Financial technology and e-commerce have taken a prominent scene within the London’s startup community. Railsware has a deep domain knowledge and technical base in both of these spheres. Our unique experience sets us apart from other Ruby on Rails development companies in the UK.

We have a bunch of projects behind the belt: from end-to-end RoR application development to helping with existing products. Here are few key showcases of products built for our London clients.


Create An Online Shop & Website, Bring Your Brand To Life

SupaDupa is an ecommerce solution established by 3 friends in London in 2010 to provide a platform for independent creatives, willing to promote and sell their work. Makers of any kind can create their own stores in a matter of minutes by choosing the theme, uploading photos of their products and publishing them. The key idea was to stand-out from the overly-priced, boring ready-made shop platforms.

Summary of technologies

Ruby on Rails


Smart lending made simple

4Finance is a leading solutions provider for lending products in more than 12 countries. It serves people who have medium income and a need for a quick financial help. One of the biggest focuses of the company is UK market itself. To date, 4Finance has more than 3 million customers with more than 6 million loans given.

Railsware has contributed heavily into Partners Platform, which has been successfully released in a number of countries. We’ve worked on both back-end and front-end development part, while 4finance development team was building a supporting API. Additionally, all design, including user experience and visual, was covered by us.

Over the years we have delivered multiple 4finance products for different countries including Vivus, Zaplo, as well as new exploratory products under NDA.

Summary of technologies

Ruby on Rails
Angular JS


Helping companies to achieve extraordinary results

Quorso is revolutionizing how managers drive their companies' profitability. Think of a highly intelligent business coach who will analyse your company financial data, show actionable opportunities for improvement and fundamentally save you a lot of money. The technology behind it features a groundbreaking mix of AI and analytics providing more than 100 million calculations per client per month. Sparing time on data analytics, the platform allows managers to spend more time on improving operations of their businesses. With that Quorso is a real revolution of a financial performance management at hand.

Railsware has been a development backbone for Quorso since the very beginning. We went through all the stages of the process: made inception with all goals stated, identified risks, brainstormed the roadmap. Afterwards, the solution was carefully tested in a real world by building a 1-month POC, bigger MVP and finally moving on to the fully-functioning release. Now our RoR developers are working on adding features to the existing product and building up a mobile app.

Dan Slowe
Dan Slowe
Co-Founder, Head of Product

We took a very McKinsey approach to finding Railsware. It basically meant looking at 80 agencies and having in-depth meetings or interviews with 40 of them. We met with all the major London based development companies, we went out to the US and met some agencies there, and we spoke to a large number of European agencies. At the early stage of the business it is very important to choose the right development partner and Railsware proved to be an absolutely the best choice.

Summary of technologies

Ruby on Rails

The demand for software engineers in London far outstrips the supply. If you're looking for a great app development company in London, we can discuss how we can work together. While Railsware has a substantial amount of clients in London, we also build products all over the world: (12 countries, 35+ cities). No matter where our clients are, we always develop effective solutions to help our clients succeed.

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