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Empowering managers. Driving profitability


Quorso is a UK based FinTech company addressing the real world challenges of managers who run today’s large, complex and global organisations.

The software analyses financial and operational data, identifies actions to increase profitability and tracks bottom line improvement which makes it quick and easy for the managers to enhance business performance and profits. No more time-consuming analysis and endless review meetings, the time can be wisely spent for the leaders to build iconic companies.

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May 2015
Dan Slowe
Dan Slowe
Co-Founder, Head of Product

We took a very McKinsey approach to finding Railsware. It basically meant looking at 80 agencies and having in-depth meetings or interviews with 40 of them. We met with all the major London based development companies, we went out to the US and met some agencies there, and we spoke to a large number of European agencies. At the early stage of the business it is very important to choose the right development partner and Railsware proved to be an absolutely the best choice.

We needed someone who wasn’t just gonna execute what we suggested, but who was really gonna shape our product.
Dan Slowe
Co-Founder, Head of Product


From the very beginning of the project Railsware has been the only team responsible for the development of Quorso application. The process started with the Inception session which ended up with all the goals stated and the Roadmap built. Once the planning was finished, the team moved to 1-month phase of POC and MVP production and release. Having successfully accomplished the first phase we proceeded with one-by-one features development.

At present the team is working on complete web solution and developing mobile application concept.

System Integration
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Ruby on Rails
New Relic
#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash about=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash links=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash application="http://mailtrap.io"> text=#<Hashie::Array ["Mailtrap is a fake SMTP server created for development teams to test email notifications by sending them from the development and staging environments without spamming real customers.\n", "Mailtrap \"catches\" all test messages that users send and keeps them in its inbox, thus avoiding an embarrassing situation of accidentally blasting clients while testing an app. In addition to that, Mailtrap allows sharing inboxes with a team, enables manual- and auto-forwarding of notifications to other email addresses or domains, provides spam and blacklist reports, lets a user preview HTML content of an email and its source, showcases an email’s raw data, etc.\n"]>> customer=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash city_filename="example" multi_testimonials=true name="Yaroslav Lazor" testimonials=nil title="Lightning Talk at Railsberry 2012"> integrations=#<Hashie::Array ["googleauth", "braintree", "sendgrid", "heroku", "aws", "newrelic", "googleanalytics"]> involvement=#<Hashie::Array ["back-end", "front-end", "graphic", "interaction", "support", "system"]> involvementText=#<Hashie::Array ["Mailtrap is an example of a tool which was initially created by the Railsware team for internal use and later shared with the wider dev community. The product idea came out naturally, and was based on the daily needs of our team. The Railswarians took over all stages of product development: from planning and design to implementation and support. \n", "Mailtrap is available in both free and paid subscription plans. Though this product has already gained acknowledgement among developers globally, our team continues improving it based on the feedback we get from the numerous Mailtrap community.\n"]> name="Mailtrap" own_product=true page_theme="light" preview_theme="dark" primary_color="#00caca" seo=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash description="Mailtrap is a fake SMTP server for development teams to test, view and share emails sent from the development and staging environments without spamming real customers." title="Mailtrap | Railsware"> slogan="Safe Email Testing" statistics=#<Hashie::Array [#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash description="inboxes managed" icon="graph" number="50K">, #<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash description="emails catched" icon="3d-graph" number="107M">]> technologies=#<Hashie::Array ["rails", "backbone", "marionette", "jquery", "ruby", "golang", "js", "coffee", "sass", "haml", "html5", "css3", "psql", "redis", "sidekiq", "aws", "digitalocean", "capistrano", "chef"]> video=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash code="mtrt0j9ac8" quote="Have you ever sent emails from staging to real customers? Yeah, we did that too... Before Mailtrap.\n">>
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#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash about=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash links=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash angelList="https://angel.co/backops-2" application="https://backops.co/" crunchBase="https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/backops"> text=#<Hashie::Array ["BackOps helps small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) eliminate the pain of running back-office operations. Its integrated, comprehensive solution combines state-of-the-art software with a crowdsourced legion of highly educated, skilled and qualified stay-at-home moms to offer an affordable, scalable, on-demand solution that saves time and money and improves business efficiencies.\n", "Designed for the needs of businesses without the time or budget to deal with multiple platforms or outsource back office operations piecemeal, BackOps offers a subscription model for managing the day-to-day accounting, HR, and financial reporting processes, connecting them seamlessly on an automated dashboard.\n", "Headquartered in San Francisco, BackOps was co-founded by Kristen Koh Goldstein, a former CRO, and Mark H. Goldstein, BackOps' Chairman and 10-time entrepreneur. BackOps is backed by Sherpa Ventures, e.ventures and Google Ventures, as well as angel investors including CrunchFund, Mark Pincus, Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi.\n"]>> customer=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash city_filename="san-francisco" location="San Francisco" name="Mike Tria" region="CA, USA" testimonials=#<Hashie::Array ["backops-tria"]> testimonials_short=false title="VP of Engineering"> integrations=#<Hashie::Array ["stripe", "sendgrid", "quickbase", "quickbooks", "rightsignature"]> involvement=#<Hashie::Array ["front-end", "back-end", "system"]> involvementText=#<Hashie::Array ["Railsware extended Backops tech team with our front-end and back-end engineers to help build complicated parts of the project and thus achieve product and business goals. Our engineers worked with Backops team both on-site and remotely to ensure the best collaboration, as well as sharing our best engineering practices to help increase the code quality.\n", "Further details are yet under NDA.\n"]> name="BackOps" page_theme="dark" preview_theme="dark" seo=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash description="BackOps helps small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) eliminate the pain of running back-office operations." footer_text="Railsware is a leading offshore Ruby on Rails company which provides contracting and consulting services around the world. We are among the premium ruby on rails development companies on the US market and our team is building top web and mobile applications using Ruby on Rails, React, Angular and more." title="BackOps - Ruby On Rails Development in San Francisco | Railsware"> slogan="The World's #1 Back Office Solution" team=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash engineers=5> technologies=#<Hashie::Array ["rails", "ember", "jquery", "ruby", "coffee", "haml", "html5", "css3", "psql", "mysql", "mongo", "memcache", "delayed-job", "solr", "elastic", "aws"]> timeline=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash end="November 2016" start="October 2013"> video=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash code="y0nlctm3kl" quote="Working with Railsware provides many benefits, but their focus on writing solid maintainable code and a strong work ethics are what elevates them above their peers.\n">>