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Mailtrap is the platform to test, send and control your emails. It’s an end-to-end solution where you can safely test emails in staging, send them on production, then monitor email infrastructure performance.

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How Mailtrap Started

Founded in 2011
In 2011, the Railsware team was working on a client’s platform, among the functionality of which was sending emails. To safely test transactional emails without the risk of spamming real customers, we created an in-house email testing tool that was later called Mailtrap.

The moment we deployed Mailtrap, It was obvious how much it simplified our work, so we decided to share it with the community. Users loved the tool and promoted it within their network.

Our user pool grew exponentially and the same happened with the requests to develop and grow Mailtrap further. This is how a free, in-house tool evolved into a high-potential commercial product with a dedicated team.

What’s Next?

“Today, Mailtrap is a fast-growing solution with wide recognition in its niche. The product shows steady growth, and we have a lot of plans for it.

For the last few years, we've worked hard and scaled Mailtrap into a platform that covers all aspects of email delivery - testing, sending, and deliverability monitoring. Mailtrap jumped into the competitive landscape for a brighter future.”
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Product Manager @Mailtrap

TitanApps is a set of productivity tools for Jira and Monday platforms. The toolset includes Smart Checklist, Smart Templates, Smart AI Summary designed to help professional teams to be more efficient and move tasks forward.

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How TitanApps Started

Founded in 2017
The Railsware team created the first tool - Smart Checklist during the company-wide transition from Trello to Jira. We needed to set up automated processes by adding multiple items to a Jira ticket. At that time, there were no user-friendly checklist plugins on the market. So we created it.

The plugin grew to 500 clients independently, and in February 2017, we earned the first $23 from it. Our experience with Smart Checklist laid the foundation for the creation of other Smart Tools, designed to optimize workflows and boost the productivity of teams across all levels of the company.

What’s Next?

"TitanApps has become Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner and Smart Checklist is in the Top 3 apps in its category.

The next milestone for TitanApps is to combine all Smart Tools into a single holistic solution for efficient organization management”
Julia Romanenkova Image
Product Manager @TitanApps

Coupler.io synchronizes data between various services on a schedule. It allows you to gather, transform, and analyze data to see the holistic picture of your business and stay ahead of the curve.

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How Coupler.io Started

Founded in 2020
Being a data-driven company, we always collected tons of information from various sources. We tested some existing solutions but quickly realized their limitations. So, we created our own Airtable importer first. Then it grew to “anything” importer. One by one, we wrote all the plugins we needed. Eventually, all these pieces were combined in one - Coupler.io.

Proper idea validation, CustDev interviews with potential customers, and market research showed that Coupler.io has a huge potential. Soon after its launch as a standalone product, Coupler gained great community support and was installed more than 70k times during the first few months. From a GSheets add-on, Coupler.io has evolved into a fully-fledged data integration platform, and in the spring of 2020, we started getting revenue.

What’s Next?

“We are driven by a desire to provide our clients with an easy solution to get the most from their data. The first goal, therefore, is to offer seamless integrations with tools they use on a daily basis to analyze the complete picture of their business. Currently, Coupler.io already offers over 200 integrations allowing our customers to analyze data from various business apps such as Hubspot, Airtable, Quickbooks, Shopify, and many more. More is yet to come.

The second goal is a constant improvement in working with data in Coupler.io. If we assume that each customer had spent 2 minutes for a manual export and loading data to build a dashboard before using the tool, then Coupler has saved 100 years (!!!) of people's time. We don't stop and want to eliminate even more routine data operation tasks so that people can focus on strategic aspects of their businesses.”
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Product Manager @Coupler.io