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Railsware Story

Founded in 2007
Railsware was established in 2007 by four tech-savvy enthusiasts. At that time, we mainly focused on clients’ projects providing great code and delivering features our customers requested. Even though we had little experience in product management back then, we always wanted to participate in all stages of a product life cycle.

To gain the necessary knowledge, we consulted market leaders in Silicon Valley like Pivotal Labs, ThoughtBot and Zurb. That experience took us to a new level and let us create successful solutions for ourselves and our clients.

Today Railsware is a Product Studio with two main focuses – services and products. These directions are integrally connected and complement each other. For us, it doesn’t matter what type of project we work on. We apply the same approaches and tools to all of them to accumulate and share knowledge and improve our craft with each new case.

What’s Next?

“The experience and knowledge we gained working on the clients’ solutions laid the foundation for the Railsware products. Started as simple in-house tools, Mailtrap, Coupler.io, and Jira Smart Checklist now are commercial products with a very bright future.

Our next big goal is to turn Railsware Product Studio into a $10 Billion venture by doing what we do best - crafting meaningful products.”
Yaroslav Lazor Image
CEO @Railsware

Our Mission

Influence the way companies are managed through the
proven approaches and the products we build.
Expand Railsware formula to the industry with leverage
of reputation and market visibility.
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Railsware corporate values

From the early days, we treated the development culture as the foundation of our business. Over the years, we've created a formula that includes such key aspects
More details and values here
  • Quality
    We value quality over quantity, and these are no buzzwords for us. We spend the necessary amount of time on a task and ensure we've found the best possible solution for it.
  • Life-Work Balance
    Work is just a small part of your life. All the rest belongs to you, your family, interests, and hobbies. We understand and respect that.
  • Unlimited Growth
    You are free to grow in any competency you feel like to make your job better. We don’t limit but encourage you to do so.
  • Ownership
    There are no unimportant tasks at Railsware. We understand the end value of each project, clearly divide roles and responsibilities, and take full ownership for it.
  • Transparency
    Open feedback, desire to find common grounds, understanding of what we do and why - are the foundation for the transparent relationships with our teammates and clients.
  • Respect and empathy
    We are a multinational and multicultural community spread over 15 different countries. Empathy and Respect help us socialize and build strong interpersonal connections within the team.
  • Master our craft
    We build our mastery in all we do, implement it in tailored and highly effective solutions, and then share our insights with the community.