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Fintech Software development services

Automation, security and performance improvements have always been markers of progress among financial institutions.

To grow and to innovate in this field you need a reliable financial software development company. With our deep domain knowledge and strong technical base we will develop and implement advanced software solutions tailored for your business.

Software for financial services

Value Beyond Custom Built Systems

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  • lock Created with Sketch. Ensure full security and compliance
  • gear Created with Sketch. Automate your business processes with AI to optimize costs and time
  • meter Created with Sketch. Enable high speed processing of data, get insights and scale up fast
  • chart Created with Sketch. React to market conditions and manage risks in a timely manner
  • Gauges Created with Sketch. Build new tools that make an impact on the finance industry

Fintech Expertise Of Our Development Company

From SaaS to peer to peer lending to banking software, our financial application development expertise allows us to build a variety of fintech solutions.

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    BI tool for financial planning and management
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    Personal finance software
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    Wealth management solution
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    Consumer banking apps
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    Mobile payments and mobile acquiring (mPOS)
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    Online trading and exchange platform
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    P2P lending software
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    Financial fraud management system

Selected case studies

We implement finance software solutions that help companies achieve extraordinary results. With our help you can build and maintain effective cloud computing infrastructures. You can use AI and Big Data to provide your customers with the best experience. And you can automate expensive back-office operations.

Here are key showcases of our software projects for finance companies

Consumer Loans

4Finance is a leading solution provider for lending products in more than 12 countries. One of the biggest focuses of the company is UK market. To date, 4Finance has more than 3 million customers with more than 6 million loans given. Railsware has contributed heavily into their Partners Platform, which has been successfully released in a number of countries. We were working on both back-end and front-end development part, while 4Finance's development team was building a supporting API. Additionally, all design, including user experience and visual, was covered by us.

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Business Intelligence

Quorso is revolutionizing how managers drive their companies' profitability. Think of an intelligent business coach who will analyse your company financial data, show opportunities for improvement and save you a lot of money. The technology behind features groundbreaking mix of AI and analytics providing more than 100 million calculations per client per month.

Railsware has been a development backbone for Quorso since the very beginning. Our fintech software house went through all the stages from inception to real world MVP testing and finally to the fully-fledged release.

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Automated Data Extraction

Zephyrus Partners is a corporate pension adviser who was looking for a technology solution for business process automation. The idea was to automate the process of extracting specific data from PDF reports in the end of each financial year. Previously our client relied on a manual process. Each year the task was delegated to an outsourcing team, which required extra training due to lack of the context. Along with a few automations we used Mechanical Turk to leverage human intelligence. This solution decreased the amount of work by 92% and is not limited to financial reports, but can be used for multiple document types with separate configurations and data points.

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We took a very McKinsey approach to finding Railsware. It basically meant looking at 80 agencies and having in-depth meetings or interviews with 40 of them. Railsware proved to be an absolutely the best choice.
Dan Slowe
Co-Founder, Head of Product quorso Created with Sketch.

End-to-end product development

We create software for web and mobile platforms using a thoughtful approach to product development. To learn more about our processes and technology check out the links below.


We build elegant and functional solutions using Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Angular and more.



We deliver apps essentials at your finger tips. Functional, flawless and easy to use.

Why Railsware?

Railsware at its core is a Ruby on Rails development company with a good mix of latest JavaScript technologies. We’ve helped built successful products for more than 60 clients including financial services.

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    Your full product and R&D team
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    Secure and reliable software
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    Rapid team extension
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    High performance solutions
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    Fintech regulatory compliance
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    Engaging customer experience

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