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Don’t compromise your product growth by hiring a good enough software company. Go to the next level of crafting your product with Railsware.

End-to-end product development

Railsware integrates into your business as a cohesive team of product managers, developers, and designers. We contribute all our knowledge to bring value to the end-users and ensure your steady growth.

Lean Engineering Image

Lean Engineering

We cultivate genuine engineering culture focused on smooth scaling, easy maintenance, and clutch performance of your product.
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Pair programming
  • Wide test coverage
  • Frequent and consistent delivery
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User-Centric Design

When working on designs, we tailor customer experiences that make a big impact and address problems of real people.
  • Conduct user research
  • Prototype and validate
  • Iterate fast
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Product Management

Aiming at a product-market fit, we mix the highest niche standards with own management approaches to focus on things that matter and stay flexible when priorities change.
  • Conduct customer discovery
  • Define minimum viable product
  • Get users feedback
  • Decide based on data

Our Product Development Cycle

2 Prototyping & Validation
Prototyping & Validaiton stage: Product managers, Developers, Designers & Marketing experts are involved
3 Initial development
Initial development stage: Product managers, Developers, Designers & Quality assurance are involved
4 Alpha/beta stages
Alpha-Beta stages: Product managers, Developers, Designers & Quality assurance, Data Analytics, Marketers and Support teams are involved
MVP stage: Product managers, Developers, Designers & Quality assurance, Data Analytics, Marketers and Support teams are involved
6 Growing product
Growing product stage: Product managers, Developers, Designers & Quality assurance, Data Analytics, Marketers and Support teams are involved

Ideation & Discovery

Prototyping & Validation

Initial development

Alpha/beta stages


Growing product

  • Product Management
  • Development
  • Product Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Analytics
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Support

To evaluate a product idea, ensure its viability, and maximize chances of reaching a product-market fit, we created BRIDGeS — a unique product discovery framework grounded on 15 years of experience and dozens of tested tools. After only a 2-day BRIDGeS session, we get a clear product strategy, product roadmap, and a team aligned with all the contexts.

Don’t spend much time on prototypes as many of them won’t become products. We can build small solutions without a single line of code, design clickable mockups, or engineer a more complex proof of concept, depending on a situation. A product team focuses on getting feedback from the right audience, prioritizes improvements, and moves to the next stage, or gets back to the ideation.

During this stage, we combine our product management skills with front-line engineering experience to build a solid foundation for the future product. We thoroughly think through the tech stack, architecture, and design skeletons to ensure a future solution is easy to scale and maintain.

No matter how cool a product is, we don’t expect people to jump on it straightaway. Virality is a lottery, and there are other, more reliable, ways to grow. Alpha and Beta are necessary to attract early adopters, onboard them, and use their feedback to polish the solution.

The BRIDGeS framework allows us to shape a well-balanced minimum viable product that brings value to end-users and serves the main objectives of the business. At the same time, a range of marketing techniques, such as CustDev, research, surveys, etc., are used to elevate the chances of an MVP to reach a product-market fit.

Even though we always listen to our users, we realize that adding new features after first demand is a slippery path. Every request needs to be verified and double-checked. To ensure steady growth, we talk to a product audience, track metrics, run research, and test all the ideas and hypotheses with the BRIDGeS framework.

Start Small And Scale
Discovery Session Cards

Discovery Session

We use proven decision-making framework BRIDGeS by Railsware for product ideation to build the right thing from the beginning.

  • Get all stakeholders on the same page
  • Extract and arrange CustDev insights
  • Clarify and shape a product vision
  • Build a ready-to-use roadmap together

3-5k $

Full guide to BRIDGeS framework

Prototype & Validate

We start with minimal solutions, like a technical proof of concept or clickable design prototypes to test hypotheses. This phase results become an important foundation for the further development steps.

4-8 weeks

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Development & Growth

Building a prototype is relatively easy but scaling a solution isn’t a piece of cake. As the product grows, so does the number of challenges it faces. Railsware will walk you through all the stages from an idea/prototype to an MVP and a rapidly-growing product.

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