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Interstellar is a live, online academic competition for every Grade and Course. It creates a competitive environment where everyone is included, students have an incentive to work together for the sake of their team's success – to lift each other up, not pull each other down.

This innovative approach to education reform, combining game mechanics with intellectual rigor, provides a unique opportunity for students to develop both poise in traditional test taking scenarios and confidence in their ability to compete successfully, good-naturedly, in any environment.

In the fall of 2013, in conjunction with the Mathematical Association of America, Interstellar launched Math Madness. 500 high schools and 10,000+ students from across the country participated in a season of mathematics competition followed by a bracket-style challenge just like the NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament.

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December 2010
January 2014
Timothy J. Kelley

If relationships are critical to the success of a business, then Railsware is assured of distinctive status in the software engineering arena long into the future. I have now been working with this firm for almost two years on a project of considerable scope and challenge. From the very beginning the members of the unit assigned to me have shown incredible discipline, enthusiasm and commitment.

They have treated my application as if it were their own, innovating with the zeal of an entrepreneur balanced by the restraint of a seasoned strategist.


Railsware has helped scope the Interstellar product and worked on the prototype to release the first working version. After Interstellar has been tested by its first users, our team started working on the full verison of the app and moved through production to deployment and support.

Railsware has handled front-end and back-end development for Interstellar, as well as graphical and UI design.

Interaction Design
Graphical Design
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#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash about=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash links=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash application=""> text=#<Hashie::Array ["Montessori Compass is a classroom-management software that helps Montessori teachers in dozens of countries spend less time on paperwork and more time working with kids — teaching, listening and helping.\n", "Montessori Compass also simplifies parent communication, resulting in a more personalized connection with the school community. The app makes it easy to share academic progress, social development, and those wonderful moments of childhood spontaneity that help make your classroom such an enjoyable place!\n"]>> customer=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash city_filename="philadelphia" location="Philadelphia" name="Rob Amos" region="PA, USA" testimonials=#<Hashie::Array ["montessori-amos"]> testimonials_short=false title="Founder & CEO"> involvement=#<Hashie::Array ["front-end", "back-end", "system", "graphic", "interaction"]> involvementText=#<Hashie::Array ["Railsware has delivered full-cycle product development for Montessori Compass - a website aimed to simplify the day-to-day record keeping for Montessori educators while providing a convenient way for busy parents to remain actively engaged with the school community.\n", "Our engineers have built the project from the very Inception and scoping through production to deployment. We've handled front-end and back-end development for Montessori Compass, as well as graphical and UI design. Additionally, our team has migrated non-scalable .NET application to Rails 3 and prepared the platform for use by hundreds of Montessori schools.\n"]> name="Montessori Compass" page_theme="light" preview_theme="light" seo=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash description="Montessori Compass is a classroom-management software that helps Montessori teachers in dozens of countries spend less time on paperwork and more time working with kids — teaching, listening and helping." footer_text="Railsware is a leading offshore Ruby on Rails company which provides contracting and consulting services around the world. We are among the premium ruby on rails development companies on the US market and our team is building top web and mobile applications using Ruby on Rails, React, Angular and more." title="Montessori Compass - Ruby On Rails Development in Philadelphia | Railsware"> slogan="Montessori Record Keeping Made Easy" team=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash designers=2 engineers=3 pdms=1> technologies=#<Hashie::Array ["rails", "jquery", "ruby", "js", "sass", "html5", "css3", "mysql", "mongo", "redis", "resque", "aws", "capistrano", "braintree", "mailtrap", "newrelic"]> timeline=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash end="Now" start="November 2011">>
Montessori Compass