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We're looking for a Financial Director for the Chief Operations Officer’s team to coordinate all aspects of financial operations in the international environment. If you are capable of managing a wide scope of projects in a well-structured manner, you can combine both strategic view and hands-on approach, and you are used to creating automations in Google Sheets for any manual work, then this position will be a great fit.

Your list of activities will include:

  • Ensuring all financial operations are performed on time, according to all regulations with a high level of quality
  • Delivering proper management information for the team
  • Establishing new entities in different countries
  • Managing IP rights for Raisware services and products
  • Participating in fundraising activities and collaborating with potential investors on due diligence and joint venture agreements

We expect you to be a great people manager for a team of 4-5 financial specialists and data analysts, and execute company strategy via financial support.

Your skills

  • Advanced English (both written and spoken)
  • Extensive experience in managing various aspects of finance (AR, AP, financial accounting, payroll) in the international environment (our geography includes UAE, Poland, USA, and Ukraine)
  • Experience in delivering management information to Company managers in the form of comprehensive and understandable dashboards
  • Experience in structuring the budgeting process, including managing of communication
  • Experience in managing a team of 4+ people
  • Knowledge of core legal aspects of finance (including VAT taxation, double-tax treaties, WHT issues, etc.)
  • Knowledge of IFRS and local accounting regulations (such as US GAAP or PL GAAP)
  • Experience in IP rights management and transfers
  • Ability to define, implement, and automate various business processes around finance and payroll
  • Outstanding project management skills
    • Usage of advanced prioritization approaches
    • Usage of project management tools (like Trello or Asana)
    • Make sure that the team delivers results by being its active member
  • Experience in establishing new entities
  • Experience in fundraising and collaboration with investors, including due diligence process and valuation models
  • Comprehensive understanding of all key business drivers and sophisticated financial models
  • Advanced skills in Google Sheets (array formulas, vlookup, pivot tables, and similar)
  • Experience with accounting tools (like Xero)
  • You are very organized and detail-oriented
Would be a plus:
  • Experience in implementing ERP systems
  • Experience with time reporting tools, such as Toggl or Clockify
  • Usage of Jira or any other ticketing system
  • CIMA / ACCA / CPA qualifications

Your responsibilities

  • Collaborate with our COO and CEO on different projects related to the financial operations of entities located in different countries
  • Organize a scope of financial projects for the team and yourself, ensure timely execution with a high level of quality
  • Run all finance-related processes, including budgeting for different departments across the organization, payroll, month-closing activities
  • Manage cash flow and inventory
  • Maintain IP rights for Railsware products and services
  • Participate in fundraising activities, collaborate on due diligence, and joint venture agreements with COO and Legal Counsel
  • Develop a high-performance financial processes infrastructure that drives efficiency and accuracy of company finances
    • Build automation tools with Google Sheets and apply Data Blending approach to support those
  • Deliver understandable and relevant management information supporting decision making processes within the Company
  • Ensure that important documentation is done properly and on time within the team. This includes preparing cooperation agreements, NDAs, bank references, and so on.
  • Work on a Company structure, including to close or open new entities supporting proper operational functioning of the Company

and Perks

As a part of our life-work balance, we want Railswarians to live an active and wholesome life. That’s why we take perks pretty seriously.
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  • Competitive compensation
    Let's face it: in a late capitalistic world, getting paid well certainly doesn't hurt.
  • Growth opportunities
    Outline your growth and development plan, expand your skills, knowledge, and career horizons in a supportive and innovative environment.
  • Remote and flexible schedule
    Railswarians live in more than 25 countries with different time zones. All of them are free to choose their most productive work time and place.
  • Smart Expense policy
    There's an additional sum allocated to help you set up your workstation, improve your health, and learn whatever you want and how you want. No. Questions. Asked.
  • Secure hardware and equipment
    Your productivity is our priority. Once you join Railsware, you’ll get secure equipment of your choice.
  • 34 Paid days off
    Railswarians rest 24 days per year + 10 days to cover your national holidays.
  • Regular online and offline gatherings
    We frequently meet online and offline to get acquainted, collaborate, build a network, and have fun together.