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Senior QA Engineer

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Remote work
Flexible Schedule
Full time

We're looking for a tech-savvy person to maintain and improve testing processes and perform ongoing QA tasks. You will be an essential part of a product, making an outstanding impact on its quality and development.

We expect you to

  • Run product testing events to streamline the development and release process
  • Be a Lead in terms of building smooth and well-adjusted quality assurance processes
  • Influence product management and product development to make improvements
  • Assist Customer Support with technical investigation of issues
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of products’ knowledge bases and much more!

Your responsibilities

  • Establish quality assurance best practices and benchmarks
  • Write test plans and proactively identify areas for additional testing based on broader project objectives
  • Support roll-out of new applications and features
  • Perform quality end-to-end testing on the system to ensure proper functionality
  • Liaise directly with an engineering team to resolve bugs and meet quality standards
  • Shape and provide bug reports
  • Understand and find edge cases (both technical and product ones)
  • Manage and maintain product knowledge bases in different forms (notes, manuals, product usage guides)

Your skills

  • Strong experience with manual testing
  • Proficient experience with Black box testing
  • Experience in setting up and adjusting testing processes
  • Excellent computer literacy
  • Understanding of networks, HTTP stack, web, API, and client app architectures
  • Aspiration to execute work with a sense of importance and ownership
  • Great communication skills: ability to communicate highly technical concepts to a non-technical audience; ability to communicate tech problems to engineering teams
  • Advanced problem-solving skills, and the ability to think outside the box
  • Fluent English (both written and spoken)
Will be a plus

  • Experience with bugs and tickets tracking systems
  • Knowledge of scripting languages (like e.g. Bash, Python, Ruby, etc.)
  • Experience with performance testing tools
  • Experience with security issues and vulnerabilities
  • Experience with resolving customers’ issues

and Perks

As a part of our life-work balance, we want Railswarians to live an active and wholesome life. That’s why we take perks pretty seriously.
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  • Competitive compensation
    Let's face it: in a late capitalistic world, getting paid well certainly doesn't hurt.
  • Best hardware and equipment
    Your productivity is our priority. Once joined Railsware, you’ll get the top equipment of your choice.
  • Remote and flexible schedule
    Railswarians live in more than 25 countries with different time zones. All of them are free to choose their most productive work time.
  • 34 Paid time off
    Railswarians rest 24 days per year
    + 10 days to cover your national holidays.
  • Insurance Coverage
    There's an additional budget allocated for you to cover your medical expenses. No. Questions. Asked.
  • Annual Retreat
    Once a year, we meet in a beautiful place to get acquainted in person, collaborate, build network, and have fun together.
  • Education coverage
    At Railsware, we don’t tell you how or what to learn. Pick the format/topic/tool you prefer and we’ll support you.