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Back in 2011, Freshstew was a startup idea by Mike Rowan, now a VP of R&D at SendGrid Labs. Freshstew was aimed at letting you voice your opinion and share it across the web, with the users recording and listening from their web or i-devices, rating opinions, and sharing with friends.

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September 2011
November 2011


Railsware team helped shape the UI design of a soon-to-be web application based on the goals set for the product. Freshstew has never gone live eventually, but the graphics created are definitely worth sharing.

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Interaction Design
iOS Development
{"name"=>"TennisHub", "preview_theme"=>"dark", "page_theme"=>"dark", "slogan"=>"Find Playing Opportunities. Book And Play Online.", "about"=>{"links"=>{"crunchBase"=>"", "angelList"=>""}, "text"=>["TennisHub’s SaaS solution helps tennis businesses streamline operations and drive paid on-court activities. This robust online booking and management platform allows providers to increase visibility of their programming while also solving the biggest problem facing players: finding opportunities to play.\n", "TennisHub removes barriers and provides a simpler channel to get more people on court. Consumers expect to schedule and pay for most services online yet few tennis providers support online registration, booking or payment. TennisHub automates these key functions, making it easier for facility managers and teaching professionals to efficiently operate their businesses.\n", "TennisHub is the recipient of the 2013 RI Business Plan Competition Special Technology Award.\n"]}, "customer"=>{"name"=>"Eddie Ross", "title"=>"Founder", "location"=>"Providence", "region"=>"RI, USA", "city_filename"=>"providence", "testimonials"=>["tennishub-ross"], "testimonials_short"=>false}, "team"=>{"engineers"=>3, "designers"=>1, "pdms"=>1}, "timeline"=>{"start"=>"November 2012", "end"=>"July 2013"}, "video"=>{"code"=>"duoa5k99gh", "quote"=>"We found a world-class firm. They gave us the best possible chance of success!\n"}, "involvementText"=>["Railsware has helped scope the TennisHub product and worked on the prototype to release the first working version. After TennisHub has been tested by its first users, our team started working on the full verison of the app and moved through production to deployment and support.\n", "Railsware has handled front-end and back-end development for TennisHub, as well as graphical and UI design.\n"], "involvement"=>["back-end", "front-end", "graphic", "interaction"], "technologies"=>["rails", "backbone", "marionette", "jquery", "ruby", "js", "coffee", "sass", "haml", "html5", "css3", "psql", "heroku"], "integrations"=>["googlemaps", "stripe", "sendgrid", "mailtrap", "heroku", "airbrake", "newrelic", "googleanalytics"], "seo"=>{"title"=>"TennisHub - Ruby On Rails Development in Providence | Railsware", "description"=>"TennisHub’s SaaS solution helps tennis businesses streamline operations and drive paid on-court activities.", "footer_text"=>"Railsware is a leading Ruby on Rails company"}}
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{"name"=>"Makeably", "preview_theme"=>"light", "page_theme"=>"light", "slogan"=>"The Maker Marketplace", "about"=>{"links"=>{"application"=>"", "crunchBase"=>"", "angelList"=>""}, "text"=>["Makeably (now Hatch) is a curated online marketplace for custom made goods. Users who come to the site can collaborate with Makeably makers to create something specifically for themselves, and every item is custom and one-of-a-kind. \n", "Started by two ex-Googlers and longtime friends, Ryan Hayward and Anastasia Leng, in September 2012, Makeably has hundreds of custom project options from independent makers around the world. It offers makers a new way to manage their custom work requests online – a process which, today, is largely handled via email. \n", "On the site, buyers can search through a variety of categories ranging from apparel to kids’ items to household goods and more, and can check out photos of the types of items the makers produce, as well as the prices associated with the custom work. Buyers can then begin to communicate with the maker about what sort of work they want done, and settle on an exact price and due date.\n"]}, "customer"=>{"name"=>"Ryan Hayward", "title"=>"Co-founder", "location"=>"New York", "region"=>"NY, USA", "city_filename"=>"newyork", "testimonials"=>["makeably-hayward"], "testimonials_short"=>true}, "team"=>{"engineers"=>3, "designers"=>1, "pdms"=>1}, "timeline"=>{"start"=>"May 2012", "end"=>"September 2012"}, "involvementText"=>["Railsware has delivered full-cycle product development for Makeably - a completely new marketplace for making custom creative items on demand. Our engineers have built the project from the very Inception and scoping through production to deployment. We've handled front-end and back-end development for Makeably, as well as graphical and UI design. \n"], "involvement"=>["front-end", "back-end", "system", "graphic", "support", "interaction"], "technologies"=>["rails", "jquery", "js", "coffee", "sass", "haml", "html5", "css3", "psql", "aws", "chef", "capistrano"], "integrations"=>["paypal", "sendgrid", "mailtrap", "aws", "airbrake", "newrelic", "googleanalytics"], "seo"=>{"title"=>"Makeably - Ruby On Rails Development in New York | Railsware", "description"=>"Makeably (now Hatch) is a curated online marketplace for custom made goods.", "footer_text"=>"Railsware is a leading offshore Ruby on Rails company which provides contracting and consulting services around the world. We are among the premium ruby on rails development companies on the US market and our team is building top web and mobile applications using Ruby on Rails, Backbone JS, Angular JS and more."}}