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Golang Developer for Mailtrap

Sorry, we're no longer accepting applications for this role

We are looking for a curious Software Engineer to join our team and help us build our product - Mailtrap. In this role, you will tackle interesting challenges and contribute to our engineering culture. We expect you to use test-driven development, have experience in building complex applications, and write both clean and maintainable code.

What you will work on

Mailtrap. is a full-featured email testing and delivery service with over 1M users. It’s a complex and high-load application that integrates via API.

You'll have an opportunity to contribute to the development of an email API and SMTP server, as well as work on a bunch of other features we plan to release or improve, such as webhooks, email templates, reporting and logging system, etc.

Our codebases are often polyglot, and we keep on experimenting with technologies in real production. Therefore, additional experience with different programming languages and frameworks is a plus.

Required skills & experience

  • Excellent general programming skills, ability to work with complex codebases
  • At least 2+ years of engineering experience and proficiency in Go development
  • Practical experience in different DBs (e.g. RDBMS, Key-Value / Tuple Store, Wide Column Store / Column Families, Document Store)
  • Experience with cloud hosting providers (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Heroku)
  • Comfortable with the UNIX/Linux command line
  • Experience in test-driven development and pair programming (good to have)
  • Comfortable taking the lead on projects and working without lots of oversight
  • Good English (both written and spoken)

Your responsibilities

  • Write reusable and maintainable code
  • Write tests to thoroughly validate the correctness of your code
  • Actively contribute to the identification of the problems and their solutions
  • Collaborate in a cross-functional team to ensure the project meets business objectives and compliance standards
  • Work in a flat-structured company

About the company

Railsware is a product studio. Since 2007, we have shaped our own “know-how” in product creation. Among others, we have helped Calendly and BrightBytes turn from small startups into flourishing companies, with Calendly recently reaching $3B valuation.

Railsware products are the next step in company evolution. We have applied the best product development practices to creating our own solutions. Today, Mailtrap.io, Coupler.io, and Smart Checklist for Jira have over 2M users and generate over $2.5M of annual recurring revenue.

People feel great here. On average, a Railswarian stays in the company for about 5 years. We support our team with outstanding benefits and remote working culture.

We look for people with high potential ready to evolve in multiple directions. The right hires shape a team of A-players to learn from each other and evolve together.


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Work culture

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  • Remote-friendly environment
  • You can set up your home office with our help
  • A comfortable office in Krakow, Poland
  • Flexible schedule
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Great compensation

  • Competitive remuneration which depends on team feedback and your results
  • Phantom Stock Units to reward your contribution
  • Additional financial assistance (microcredits)
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  • Relocation to Poland (if needed)
  • Office visits to collaborate with your team live
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  • Best hardware and equipment
  • 24+10 paid time off days a year
  • 24 illness days
  • We cover sport expenses and medical insurance for you
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