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Because Paper Manuals Are Useless


BoughtStuff is an innovative mobile app for the retail industry. This is your single source of online content about all your home appliances and personal electronics. How-to videos, PDF manuals, discounts from retailers, and more.

Take pictures of your stuff for insurance record keeping, and barcode-scan the model number. Our BoughtCloud database automatically pushes relevant content about your product to your device. Use your Facebook login to gain access to your personal inventory from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or from our website.

The platform launched in late 2012 in San Fransisco is aimed at reducing product returns through improved customer education about their purchases, and at improving customer engagement with retailers and brands.

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San Francisco
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3 Engineers
1 Designer
1 Product Manager
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December 2012
May 2014


Railsware has delivered full-cycle product development for BoughtStuff - a content delivery platform for product support information. Our engineers have built an extensive mobile application that pushes hand-curated links to videos, PDFs, and webpages that are most relevant to the consumer.

Railsware managed the project from Inception and scoping through production to deployment. Our team handled front-end and back-end development for BoughtStuff, as well as graphical and UI design.

Android Development
iOS Development
System Integration


Ruby on Rails
Android SDK
Objective C


Google Auth
Amazon Associates
Sears Parts API
New Relic
Google Analytics
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