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BrightBytes online data analytics platform gathers ideas from best experts in the world and creates evidence-based frameworks that are combined with data from your school or region, giving you the tools to understand and quickly improve student learning outcomes. BrightBytes solutions are specifically designed to address unique needs of educational leaders globally.

Clarity, their flagship platform, is used by educators in almost all U.S. states to make quick, effective decisions that improve student learning. BrightBytes' secret sauce is a unique blend of talented educators with deep experience in K-12, gifted engineers building the next generation data platform, and world-class data scientists analyzing ways to improve student learning outcomes.

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San Francisco
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August 2013
Jake Becker
Jake Becker
Director of Product

As BrightBytes has been growing, Railsware has been able to scale up really quickly, has been super flexible with changing products, changing demands with us internally, has been able to integrate very successfully with our engineering teams.

Railsware has been very integral in helping make some key decisions to help BrightBytes grow.

What the Inception process has done within BrightBytes is really brought some structure to the product management process and deep understanding of what we're building.
Jake Becker
Director of Product


Railsware has extended BrightBytes tech team with our front-end and back-end engineers to help build complicated parts of projects and thus achieve product and business goals. Our engineers are working with BrightBytes team both on-site and remotely to ensure the best collaboration, as well as sharing our best engineering practices to help increase the code quality.

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{"name"=>"Mailtrap", "preview_theme"=>"dark", "page_theme"=>"light", "own_product"=>true, "primary_color"=>"#00caca", "slogan"=>"Safe Email Testing", "about"=>{"links"=>{"application"=>""}, "text"=>["Mailtrap is a fake SMTP server for development teams to test, view and share emails sent from the development and staging environments without spamming real customers.\n", "Mailtrap keeps test messages away from your personal or work inboxes thus avoiding the embarassing situation when you accidentaly send a test email to a client while testing your app. In addition to that, Mailtrap allows sharing inboxes with the team, auto-forwarding emails, spam analysis for emails, etc.\n"]}, "customer"=>{"name"=>"Yaroslav Lazor", "title"=>"Lightning Talk at Railsberry 2012", "city_filename"=>"example", "multi_testimonials"=>true, "testimonials"=>nil}, "video"=>{"code"=>"mtrt0j9ac8", "quote"=>"Have you ever sent emails from staging to real customers? Yeah, we did that too... Before Mailtrap.\n"}, "involvementText"=>["Mailtrap is a good example of the tool that has been initially created by Railsware team for internal use and then shared freely with other developers later on. The product idea has come naturally out of the needs our team had and been developed by Railswarians from scoping and design to the technical implementation and support.\n", "Mailtrap development is still on as we're introducing paid versions of the product with more features included.\n"], "involvement"=>["back-end", "front-end", "graphic", "interaction", "support", "system"], "technologies"=>["rails", "backbone", "marionette", "jquery", "ruby", "golang", "js", "coffee", "sass", "haml", "html5", "css3", "psql", "redis", "sidekiq", "aws", "digitalocean", "capistrano", "chef"], "integrations"=>["googleauth", "braintree", "sendgrid", "heroku", "aws", "newrelic", "googleanalytics"], "seo"=>{"title"=>"Mailtrap | Railsware", "description"=>"Mailtrap is a fake SMTP server for development teams to test, view and share emails sent from the development and staging environments without spamming real customers."}, "statistics"=>[{"number"=>"50K", "description"=>"inboxes managed", "icon"=>"graph"}, {"number"=>"107M", "description"=>"emails catched", "icon"=>"3d-graph"}]}
All works
{"name"=>"Airtable Importer", "preview_theme"=>"dark", "page_theme"=>"dark", "own_product"=>true, "primary_color"=>"#3fc2ff", "slogan"=>"Google Spreadsheets add-on for Airtable import", "about"=>{"links"=>{"application"=>""}, "text"=>["Accounting, recordkeeping, data blending… No matter what the “major” of your company is, you definitely face that data challenge. Not surprisingly, in Railsware we solved the issue with Google Spreadsheets.\n", "Later, having discovered Airtable, an awesome database tool, we loved it right away for the way it’s organised and well-thought and started using it extensively. But what we really missed there was that \"GSheet magic\": ability to do advanced calculations, filtering, pivot tables etc. Working closely with both tools, we suddenly realised it would be an amazing gain to combine those two. With that in mind, Railswarians developed an add-on, Airtable Importer, as a missing link between Airtable and Google Spreadsheets.\n", "Easily import table from Airtable to a Google Spreadsheet. Keep spreadsheets actual with hourly automatic re-sync of imported Airtable to the linked sheet. Or enforce the update with manual re-sync whenever it’s needed. Just get maximum impact from Airtable easiness and Google Spreadsheets power.\n"]}, "customer"=>{"name"=>"Artur Kasprzyk", "title"=>"VP of Operations, Railsware", "multi_testimonials"=>true, "testimonials"=>nil}, "timeline"=>{"start"=>"November 2016", "end"=>"Now"}, "video"=>{"code"=>"z8r7l4g1hd", "quote"=>"I use this plugin on daily basis as it saves a lot of time and effort when playing with few Airtable bases and ton of Spreadsheets using Airtable as a datasource.\n"}, "involvementText"=>["Airtable Importer is another example of a tool originally created by Railsware for internal use. With our particular needs solved, we thought it would be a good idea to share our add-on with the community. Combining powers of two great database tools - Airtable and Google Spreadsheets - we do hope it will make your lives easier. Enjoy for free!\n"], "involvement"=>["front-end", "support", "system"], "technologies"=>["airtable", "js", "jquery", "googledrive"], "integrations"=>nil, "seo"=>{"title"=>"Airtable Importer by Railsware", "description"=>"Add-on to import Airtable into Google Spreadsheets"}, "statistics"=>[{"description"=>"Hourly automatic re-sync", "icon"=>"resync"}, {"description"=>"Manual re-sync possibility", "icon"=>"manual"}]}
Airtable Importer