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BrightBytes online data analytics platform gathers ideas from the best experts in the world and creates evidence-based frameworks that are combined with data from your school or region, giving you the tools to understand and quickly improve students' learning outcomes. BrightBytes solutions are specifically designed to address unique needs of educational leaders globally.

Clarity, their flagship platform, is used by educators in almost all U.S. states to make quick, effective decisions that improve students' learning. BrightBytes' secret sauce is a unique blend of talented educators with deep experience in K-12, gifted engineers building the next generation data platform, and world-class data scientists analyzing ways to improve student learning results.

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August 2013
Jake Becker
Jake Becker
Director of Product

As BrightBytes has been growing, Railsware has been able to scale up really quickly, has been super flexible with changing products, changing demands with us internally, has been able to integrate very successfully with our engineering teams.

Railsware has been very integral in helping make some key decisions to help BrightBytes grow.

What the BRIDGeS session has done within BrightBytes is that it has really brought some structure to the product management process and deep understanding of what we're building.
Jake Becker
Director of Product


Railsware has extended the BrightBytes tech team with our full stack engineers to help build complicated parts of projects and thus achieve product and business goals. The Railsware engineers were working with the BrightBytes team both on-site and remotely to ensure the best collaboration, as well as sharing our best engineering practices to help increase the code quality.

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#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash about=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash links=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash application="https://www.officespacesoftware.com/" crunchBase="https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/officespace-software" linkedin="https://www.linkedin.com/company/officespace-software/"> text=#<Hashie::Array ["OfficeSpace was specifically designed for facility managers in large companies. The platform facilitates essential office processes, drives facility management decisions, simplifies work orders and service requests, and allows effortless tracking and managing company resources. All this helps companies cut down on their real estate and facility costs, safely reopen offices, and manage productive hybrid workplaces. It is the only all-in-one solution that gives everything a company needs to create a better place for their workers.\n"]>> customer=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash city_filename="atlanta" location="Atlanta" name="Shamim Sahba" region="GA, USA" testimonials=#<Hashie::Array ["officespace-shamim"]> testimonials_short=false title="Founder"> integrations=#<Hashie::Array ["googlecalendar", "office365calendar", "zoom", "slack", "ms-teams", "circle-ci"]> involvement=#<Hashie::Array ["front-end", "back-end", "system"]> involvementText=#<Hashie::Array ["The Railsware team was attracted to the OfficeSpace project after its web version had already been launched. It was a fast-growing platform that required additional specialists to keep up with the customers' requirements and needs.\n", "Our team was responsible for developing some core features of OfficeSpace, such as Room and Desk booking, the Safeguard feature, and many others. We’ve also improved the test coverage of the product and built Android/iOS wrappers for the Visual Directory.\n"]> name="OfficeSpace" page_theme="light" preview_theme="light" seo=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash description="OfficeSpace is a cloud-based platform that provides workplace management solutions for companies. | Railsware Case Studies" footer_text="Railsware is a leading offshore Ruby on Rails company which provides contracting and consulting services around the world. We are among the premium ruby on rails development companies on the US market and our team is building top web and mobile applications using Ruby on Rails, React, Angular and more." title="Officespace - Workplace management software | Case Study by Railsware"> slogan="Workplace management software" statistics=#<Hashie::Array [#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash description="Trusted by companies" icon="graph" number="900+">, #<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash description="monthly users in 2021" icon="3d-graph" number="200%+">]> team=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash engineers=10> technologies=#<Hashie::Array ["rails", "graph-ql", "rspec", "react", "jest", "typescript", "redis", "maria-db", "sidekiq", "material-ui", "elastic", "google-cloud-platform"]> testimonialShort="Their devs are talented, professional, and invested in building <strong>brilliant products</strong>. What started as a one-off project has since steadily grown into an outstanding partnership." timeline=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash end="Now" start="November 2017">>
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#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash about=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash links=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash application=nil> text=#<Hashie::Array ["Axe Effect was one of the first apps created using Google+ Hangouts API. It was a fun app which allowed its users to turn on \"Axe Effect\" during the call and add some fun accessories to their image on the screen.\n", "Axe Effect for Google Hangout was a promo application launched by Google and Unilever aimed at making Axe more popular on Asian market.\n"]>> customer=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash city_filename="mountain" location="Mountain View" name="Ryan Hayward" region="CA, USA" testimonials=#<Hashie::Array ["google-hayward"]> testimonials_short=true title="Product Marketing Manager"> involvement=#<Hashie::Array ["front-end", "back-end", "system", "graphic", "interaction"]> involvementText=#<Hashie::Array ["Railsware engineers have always been keen on exploring new technologies and this has become one of the key reasons of working with Google+ team of the Axe effect application. We've become one of the first development teams to build apps using Google+ Hangouts API at the time.\n", "Axe Effect has been developed from scoping and design all through the development process including UI and back-end engineering.\n"]> name="Google + Axe" page_theme="light" preview_theme="light" seo=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash description="Axe Effect was one of the first apps created that were using Google+ Hangouts API | Railsware Case Studies" title="Google Axe | Case Study by Railsware"> slogan="The Axe Effect" team=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash designers=1 engineers=2> technologies=#<Hashie::Array ["rails", "backbone", "jquery", "ruby", "js", "coffee", "html5", "css3", "psql", "heroku", "googleauth", "googlehangout"]> testimonialShort="We were impressed with their quick ability to grasp what we were looking for, as well as their <strong>quick delivery time</strong> and nice UI sense." timeline=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash end="May 2011" start="January 2011">>
Google + Axe