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BrightBytes online data analytics platform gathers ideas from the best experts in the world and creates evidence-based frameworks that are combined with data from your school or region, giving you the tools to understand and quickly improve students' learning outcomes. BrightBytes solutions are specifically designed to address unique needs of educational leaders globally.

Clarity, their flagship platform, is used by educators in almost all U.S. states to make quick, effective decisions that improve students' learning. BrightBytes' secret sauce is a unique blend of talented educators with deep experience in K-12, gifted engineers building the next generation data platform, and world-class data scientists analyzing ways to improve student learning results.

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San Francisco
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8 Engineers
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August 2013
Jake Becker
Jake Becker
Director of Product

As BrightBytes has been growing, Railsware has been able to scale up really quickly, has been super flexible with changing products, changing demands with us internally, has been able to integrate very successfully with our engineering teams.

Railsware has been very integral in helping make some key decisions to help BrightBytes grow.

What the Inception process has done within BrightBytes is really brought some structure to the product management process and deep understanding of what we're building.
Jake Becker
Director of Product


Railsware has extended BrightBytes tech team with our front-end and back-end engineers to help build complicated parts of projects and thus achieve product and business goals. Our engineers are working with BrightBytes team both on-site and remotely to ensure the best collaboration, as well as sharing our best engineering practices to help increase the code quality.

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Ruby on Rails
Angular JS
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Google Auth
Google Maps
New Relic
Google Analytics
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Airtable Importer