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Export data from apps automatically, with no coding


Coupler.io automates data transfers from your favourite apps and into a spreadsheet or a data warehouse. It simplifies blending data from different sources, extracting valuable insights and running regular backups. With their business data, users build live-updating dashboards and share reports with colleagues or external stakeholders.

Coupler.io is Railsware’s own product. It started off as Airtable Importer - a popular Google Sheets add-on for importing data from Airtable bases. Because of its success, in 2019 we launched Coupler.io, adding 50+ new integrations and plenty of new features. The platform is language-agnostic so we’re free to develop new integrations in any programming framework.

We don’t just enable advanced analytics - we implement them in all we do. We add new integrations based on a sophisticated scoring model we’ve developed in-house, analysing customer interviews, support requests, search traffic, and more. We use Coupler.io’s integrations to prioritize tasks, plan our content strategy, and track business metrics on dashboards.

Seeing how useful it is for us lead us to believe that it will be also useful for many other entrepreneurs and companies. So far, it seems we were right. To date, Coupler.io extension has been installed over 700,000 times.

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NGO owner

Coupler.io is solving some major issues we had with IMPORTRANGE connection failures. It greatly improves the overall performance and reliability of our logistics app that helps deliver food to those in need in our community.

Furniture manufacturing

Fantastic product, reliable, and easy to use. We use it to share selected data from our internal Google sheets with our network of retail and business partners. Offers good support. Highly recommended.

Digital product studio

I immediately tried the Shopify importer. It was very easy to import, and the separation of Orders and Line Items made it easy to use.


Honestly, I'm blown away. Your company must have incredible culture, employees who care, and systems to support them. You guys and gals really have it going on.


Coupler.io is another example of a product that started off as our internal tool. Originally developed with our BRIDGeS framework, it has since been empowering hundreds of our business processes. Because it simplified so many things for us, we had no doubt it would be an excellent fit for thousands of modern businesses.

Today, 10 to 15 Railswarians are involved with Coupler.io on a full-time basis. Areas of expertise involve software development, product management, QA, support, and marketing.

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