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Calendly is an online calendar tool designated for appointment making. It operates alongside your Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud account which makes for an incredibly easy sign-up. The system links with your calendar and allows you to select a Calendy URL that you can share with others to begin appointment-making.

The easy-to-use platform saves between two and three minutes with every appointment you make. The tool gives you a dashboard where you can keep track of all the appointments and connections. With Calendly, you are able to interact with other users, called “invitees”, and you can schedule appointments with one another. Invitees, however, never have access to your dashboard and can only see your page with your given URL.

Tell Calendly when you’re available, let others schedule their appointments with you.

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January 2014
Tope Awotona
Tope Awotona
Founder & CEO

Firstly, I have to say Railsware's Inception is not an easy thing. But by doing it, I saved money, time and perfected my product vision. Let me explain how - this 2-day collaboration process is all about knowledge transfer, looking at the product from different angles, sorting out and prioritizing the details.

Part of this process is also bringing up potential risks: technical, business etc. Even though I had spent 6 months prior to the Inception conceiving what I thought was that perfect application, we still uncovered several risks during the Inception that led me to reconsider my initial product vision. That is the value of the Railsware Inception! Without the Inception, we would have wasted precious development resources on the wrong things. The Inception have helped avoid that waste of time and money.

The level of detail and thoughtfulness that Railsware brings to the table is truly exceptional...
Tope Awotona
Founder & CEO


Railsware started working on Calendly from the Inception, which enabled the team to focus on the right things first and to avoid wasting time and resources. Once the Roadmap had been in place, our team moved through production process to release the first working version of Calendly for users.

Then, a phase 2 started with Railsware scoping the product for further development based on user feedback and new requirements. We're now building the full product — from Inception and scoping through production to deployment and support. We're handling front-end and back-end development for this product, as well as graphical and UI design.

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