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Peroozal is a better way for consumers to find books and for authors to find readers. This is a marketing/discovery platform where recommendations by authors are aggregated so that the readers can discover their next great read.

Peroozal provides readers with an access to authors books and all the recommendations he has received for his books from other authors. The service also connects users to the authors at the time of the purchase of the book and helps authors keep in touch with their readers.

With no publishers involved, Peroozal allows only the author and the reader sign up and gives an opportunity to sell ebooks and regular books to readers, sell services to authors, and advertise.

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April 2010
May 2012


Railsware has managed all the product development aspects including front-end and back-end, as well as graphical and user interface design. The development has been done in close communication with Peroozal team and following Railsware key workflows in order to ensure that the web app meets the goals that were set for it.

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#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash about=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash links=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash angelList="" crunchBase=""> text=#<Hashie::Array ["Philips DirectLife is a new customized, interactive fitness program that offers a fun and simple solution to people eager to adopt a more active lifestyle. The DirectLife program was born out of a desire to directly appeal to the more than 60 percent of the global population who fail to reach the minimum levels of moderate daily physical activity to deliver health benefits, as recommended by the World Health Organization.\n", "DirectLife records a person's daily movements via a discreet, wearable state-of-the-art Activity Monitor which tracks both the duration and intensity of a user's daily activity. Information is then easily transferred in one simple step via USB to a personal web page that keeps track of progress against both daily targets and longer term goals.\n", "The program offers a number of unique features, including a personal coach to help people set balanced and achievable goals, provide individual feedback and deliver advice on how to make easy healthy lifestyle changes, some in as little as a few minutes a day.\n"]>> customer=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash city_filename="amsterdam" location="Amsterdam" name="David La Hei" region="Netherlands" testimonials=#<Hashie::Array ["philipsdirectlife-lahei"]> testimonials_short=false title="SW Architect / Product Owner"> integrations=#<Hashie::Array ["weightwatchers"]> involvement=#<Hashie::Array ["front-end", "back-end", "system"]> involvementText=#<Hashie::Array ["Railsware engineers have joined Philips Personal Health Solutions team to handle migration from Rails 1 to Rails 3. Our team has also ported Java applications to Ruby and implemented rich API's for the client software including Windows, iOS and MacOS X.\n", "One of the project specifics has been interaction with hardware devices which added some extra expertise to our engineers and a desire to keep progressing in this direction.\n"]> name="Philips DirectLife" page_theme="dark" preview_theme="dark" seo=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash description="Railsware engineers have joined Philips Personal Health Solutions team to handle migration from Rails 1 to Rails 3." footer_text="Railsware is a leading offshore Ruby on Rails company which provides contracting and consulting services around the world. We are among the premium ruby on rails development companies on the US market and our team is building top web and mobile applications using Ruby on Rails, React, Angular and more." title="Philips DirectLife - Ruby On Rails Development in Amsterdam | Railsware"> slogan="Every Movement Counts" team=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash engineers=4> technologies=#<Hashie::Array ["rails", "jquery", "ruby", "golang", "java", "js", "sass", "haml", "html5", "css3", "mysql", "rabbit", "resque"]> timeline=#<Middleman::Util::EnhancedHash end="May 2012" start="November 2011">>
Philips DirectLife
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